Quilled Star Craft Christmas Ornament Easy

Hello everyone. I made a quilled star craft for this Christmas. 

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Quilling crafts are very fun to make. You can make quilling crafts of any size and shape. Sometimes it can be difficult to learn how to make different shapes of quilling pieces. Today I will be showing you how to make a quilled Star using some easy and simple techniques. I didn’t use too many shapes to make this quilled Star craft. 

Quilling craft has been an art for decades. It formed as art from Renaissance time in Europe. I always found quilling crafts very interesting. This craft was made back in 2021, I didn’t have the time to upload it. I have made some other quilling crafts in my blog. I made Quilled Squirrel Art and also a quilled egg Easter Craft

It took me a while to learn some rules and tricks for making quilling crafts. I learned a lot from my sister The Craftaholic Witch. She made this very beautiful quilled flower decoration craft. Check out this Quilled Cherry Blossom craft by my sister, this is a wonderful home decor craft. 

Quilled Star Christmas Card Step-by-step instructions:

quilling starter kit

Tools and Materials:

  1. Quilling Craft Paper 
  2. Quilling Craft Kit.  
  3. Ruler.
  4. Pencil.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Glue. 
quilling star shape (1)

Step 1:

To make the quilled Starcraft, you need to cut out a star shape using cardstock paper. 

I drew the star shape on the cardstock paper and used scissors to carefully cut it out. 

quilling craft for Christmas (2)

Step 2:

You have to make quilled paper coils according to the size of your star. 

If your star is 4*4 inches, you need to make one coil using a 6 inches long quilling strip. 

Use a quilling needle to make slightly loose coils (round-shaped quilling papers). 

Quilled star ornament for chirtmas diy (3)

Step 3:

Start gluing the round shapes quilled pieces on the center of the paper star pattern.

diy star ornament for christmas quilling craft (4)

Step 4:

Glue all five quilled round shapes on the middle of the star pattern, leave the center empty for now. 

quilled christmas star craft (5)

Step 5:

Make a small quilling coil using a different shaded quilling paper strip. 

Glue the small quilled coil on the empty space in the center of the star pattern.

quilled starfish (6)

Step 6:

Make five tiny quilling coils using a lightly different-shaded quilling paper strip.

Then glue the tiny quilled coils in between the gaps of the large quilled coils.

craft with quilling paper (7)

Step 7:

Make another quilled coil using a 4-5 inches long quilling paper strip, and press one side of the coil using two fingers to make a teardrop quilling shape. 

quilled christmas star (8)

Step 8:

.Glue the teardrop quilling shape on one hand of the star.

star quilling craft ideas (9)

Step 9:

Similarly, make four more quilling teardrop shapes and glue them on each point of the paper star pattern. 

quilled star pattern (10)

Step 10:

Make more small quilling coils and fill up any gaps left in the star pattern.

quilled star for christmas (11)

Step 11:

Now take a long quilling paper strip that is long enough to go around the quilled star. 

quilted star christmas ornament (12)

Step 12:

Apply glue on the long quilling paper strip and start gluing it on the edge of the quilled star. 

star craft with quilling paper (13)

Step 13

Wrap the edge of the whole star using the long quilling strip, then cut off the excess quilling strip.

quilling star (14)

Step 14:

This step is not compulsory, you can glue a card on the back of the star, and you can also glue a ribbon or twine on the back to hang the quilled star craft on a Christmas tree as a Christmas tree ornament. 

How Can You Use This Quilled Star Craft:

I made this quilled Star as Christmas cards. You can make various things using this quilled Star craft. This quilled Star craft makes an amazing Christmas tree ornament. This can also be a quilled starfish. You make a quilling starfish and ocean scenery and frame it as wall-hanging decor. 

I can suggest you some quilling craft kit you can purchase from amazon. 

If you are a beginner you won’t need a lot of items to make your quilling crafts. It’s better to start off small and work your way up. 

For a beginners quilling craft kit, you need:

  1. Colorful quilling paper strips.
  2. A quilling needle.
  3. A quilling circle scale. 
  4. Glue.
  5. Toothpicks. 
  6. Tweezer (optional). 

A quilling scale can help you understand the sizes of circles and how much paper you need to make a certain quilling piece. 

I personally like to use toothpicks to apply glue on the strips, it is much easier and neat. 

Here are a few links for you to purchase a quilling craft kit.

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