How To Fold an Origami Heart Bookmark In 5 Minutes

Let’s make an origami heart bookmark step by step for this Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I can’t believe it’s 2024 already and we are one week through January. It feels like just yesterday when I made Valentine’s Day crafts for you guys, and now I am back again this year with new craft ideas for Valentine’s Day. 

How To Fold an Origami Heart Bookmark In 5 Minutes

How To Make an Origami Heart Bookmark

Follow these easy origami heart bookmark instructions to make origami heart bookmarks for your Valentine. This heart bookmark is not only easy to make but it is super duper adorable. If your Valentine is a book lover, these adorable bookmarks can be a great addition to the Valentine’s Day gift. 

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Tools and Materials:

  1. Origami Craft Papers.
  2. Ruler.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Glue.
  6. Glittery Craft Papers.
  7. Colorful Construction Papers. 

Take the left corner point of the origami craft paper and bring it down to the middle point of the triangle.  

Step by Step Origami Heart Bookmark Instructions

Step 1: Make Guidelines For Origami Bookmark

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www.thespruce.com origami heart bookmark
how to make an origami heart bookmark

Take the square paper and fold it diagonally in half. This fold will create the guideline to make our heart bookmark.  

Then fold the triangular origami paper vertically in the middle. Then pipe the fold again.

Similarly, bring the right side downward to the center along the middle crease and create a square shape.  

Open the both folds again.

Take the upper middle flap and bring it all the way to the top middle crease. 

Fold the left and right point corners back along with their original creases. 

Cut the two points slightly at the tip. 

Then fold the two points inside the gap in between the upper and back parts of the origami piece.  

Step 2:  Cut Out A Heart Shape

origami heart bookmark instruction

Use our heart PDF templates to trace and draw the heart shape on the origami bookmark. You can do freehand drawing if you need to.  

Cut out the heart-shaped shape from the origami bookmark. 

Step 3: Cut Out Colorful Paper Hearts and Glue The Hearts

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Cut out two more small hearts from colorful craft papers and glittery craft papers.  Apply glue on the back of the large heart and then glue it with the origami bookmark. 

Apply glue on the back of the glittery craft paper and then glue it over the large heart. 

How To Cut a Square Paper

To make the origami heart bookmark craft first you’ll need a piece of square craft paper. You can use origami craft papers if you want to. If you don’t have origami craft papers here’s a little trick to cut out evenly square paper out of rectangular paper. 

For our bookmarks, we will be cutting out two sets of square papers from an A4-sized craft paper. 

First, fold the A4-sized paper vertically in half. 

Then take the corner and bring it towards the opposite side along the fold this will create a triangular shape.  

Cut off the excess paper from the bottom using a pair of scissors. 

Then cut the paper in half along the first vertical line. And here you go now you have two equal sheets of square paper.

Now that your origami heart bookmark is ready let’s go ahead and discover more paper heart and origami crafts.

Last Valentine’s Day we made these lovely origami heart garlands for home decoration. Origami heart garland is a beautiful feature for decorating your home for Valentine’s Day and also Mother’s Day. 

Then we have these cute paper heart garlands which are much more easier to make. This wall-hanging craft is also great for Valentine’s Day decorations. 

Of course, you can find these on the Etsy store but if you want to add your customized colors and size you can always follow these tutorials to make these beautiful Valentine’s Day crafts. 

More Origami Hearts Craft
1. the idea room origami heart bookmark.
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Watch our origami heart bookmark YouTube video in full length

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