Cute Paper Heart Garland Craft (+1 Free Template).

Learn To Make Paper Heart Garland Craft For Valentine’s Day.


Looking for Valentine’s day craft for kids? Here is an easy Heart Garland DIY project you can try out for this valentine’s day.

This is also a good Valentine’s Day Craft For Adults as well.

Supplies used in this craft is very easy to find.

This craft isn’t very time consuming but it is a very creative Valentine’s Dat Idea for crafts.

How To Make Paper Garland Valentine’s Day Craft

List Of Supplies:

  1. Craft Paper or Colorful Cardstock Paper.
  2. Pencil.
  3. Ruler.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Stapler.
  6. Glue.
  7. Thread.

Download Free Template For Paper Heart Garland:

Click Here To Download Free Template.


Gather the listed supplies to make this DIY Heart Garland craft.

Follow these step by step instructions below to make this Valentine’s Day DIY Heart Garland Craft.

Step 1:Alighn the strips:

Use the PDF templates to cut out the craft paper strips to make the paper heart garland.

I will be using red craft papers to make the heart.

You can also use cardstock paper to make this heart garland craft for Valentine’s Day.


Step 2: Make The paper Strip Sets:

Make two sets of paper strips. 

Place the longest strip on the bottom then place the second-longest on top of it. 

Make sure the top ends of the strips are aligned together.

Similarly, place one over another large to small. Make two sets of these paper strips.


Step 3:

Put both sets of paper strips together.

The longest strips of the sets should be in the middle facing each other.


Step 4: Join The Strips:

Staple the top of the two sets of paper strips together.


Step 5:

Take the smallest strips from both sides and bring them together to the stapled area, then glue or staple them there.


Step 6:

Similarly, bring the strips together and staple them according to their order (short to long).


Step 7: Make More Paper Hearts.

Now make more hearts with craft paper strips using the same process.


Step 8:

Take a short red craft paper strip.


Step 9:

Make a loop with the paper strip. (join the ends together).


Step 10:

Then, glue the paper strip loop on the middle part of the heart.


Step 11:Punch A Hole:

Use a paper punch machine to make a hole on the strip.


Step 12:

Attach paper strips like this to the rest of the paper hearts.


Step 13: Insert Thread:

Insert a thread through the hole of the paper heart.


Step 14: Tie Knot.

Tie a knot with the thread so the paper heart stays in place.


Step 15 Final Step:

Tie all of the paper hearts on the thread one by one to make your paper heart garland craft.


How To Use This Paper Heart Garland Craft For Valentine’s Day:

If you are throwing a party for this Valentine’s Day and you need creative valentine’s day ideas for decoration this DIY Paper Heart Garland craft is perfect for you.


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