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How To Make Easy 3D Shamrock Card Craft + 3 Templates

Learn to make 3D Shamrock card with Arty Crafty Bee!


Do you want some St Patricks day crafts preschool? This 3D Shamrock card Craft is a very fun craft for this St. Patrick’s Day. If you like to send out gifts or cards for ST. Patrick’s Day you can try out this.

This st Patrick’s day craft st Patrick’s day ideas for adults and kids is a fun way to spend some good times with your kids.

How To Make 3D Shamrock Pop Up Card:


  1. Cardstock papers.
  2. Colorful Craft Papers.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Glue.

Download The PDF Template For 3D Shamrock Craft For St. Patrick’s Day:

Click Here To Download Template.


Step 1: Cut Out The Shamrocks

After you have downloaded the templates, choose a size from the templates for your shamrock card.

Cut out the template carefully, use the template to cut out four shamrocks from green-shaded craft paper.

Use two or more shades to add details to the card.


Step 2:Fold The Shamrocks:

Fold all the shamrocks vertically in half.


Step 3:Apply Glue:

Take one folded shamrock, and apply glue on any half.


Step 4:Prepare The Card:

Cut out your card from the templates according to the size of your shamrocks. 


Step 5: Glue The Shamrock:

Join the glued folded shamrock on the white card paper.

3D Shamrock Craft (5)

Step 6:

Now, take your second shamrock and apply glue on its half as well.

Then, glue the shamrock beside the previous shamrock.

3D Shamrock Craft (6)

Step 7:

Now moving on to the next step, apply glue on the third shamrock, overlap the glues area with the first shamrock and join one half of the third shamrock with the other half of the first shamrock.

3D Shamrock Craft (7)

Step 8:

Similarly, glue the second shamrock and the fourth shamrock together.


Step 9:

Cut out the card\s back cover from the templates.

3D Shamrock Craft

Step 10:

Glue the card’s cover on the back of the white card paper to finish your 3D shamrock papercraft. 

How To Use This 3D Shamrock Paper card Craft:

How To Use This 3D Shamrock Card Craft:

Do you like to send out cards for St. Patrick’s Day? If you do, you can make these cute 3D paper craft cards for your friends and family this St. Patrick’s Day. You can also use this as decorations for your home for st Patrick’s day. If you are sending out gifts to your friends or family you can this as an additional gift or write a note on the back with the gifts.


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If you like our crafts please leave a comment down below. Share your experience with us if you give this Shamrock craft a try at home. Stay tuned here at Arty Crafty Bee for fun and exciting crafts every week. Thank you and happy St Patrick’s Day.

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