Fun Paper Black Cat Halloween Craft (2 Templates)

learn to make Paper Black Cat Halloween Paper Craft

Paper Black Cat

October is here! Just a few days till Halloween. Are you excited about this Halloween? Are you looking for quick and easy Halloween decorations and crafts for your home? Black cat paper craft is so popular for Halloween decorations. If you want a black cat Halloween craft to check out this craft. 

Learn How to Make a Paper Bobble Head Black Cat Craft. This Halloween paper Black Cat Craft For Kids is very easy to make. With the help of the templates, you can make any kind of paper cat craft you want. 

How To Make 3D Black Cat Halloween Paper Craft Step by step instructions:

Download The PDF Templates For Paper Black Cat:

Halloween Black Cat Paper Craft Template 1

Halloween Black Cat Paper Craft Template 2 (Colorful)

List of supplies For paper Black Cat:

1.   Card Stock Paper (Black).

2.   Craft papers.

3.   Pencil.

4.   Ruler.

5.   Scissors.

6.   Glue.

7.   Marker pens.

Paper Black Cat

Step 1:

Click The Link above to download the PDF template to make the black cat paper craft for kids. 

Use the PDF templates to trace and cut out the pieces for the paper cat using black and grey cardstock paper. Use yellow craft papers to cut out the eyes, pink cardstock paper to cut out the ears and nose for the paper cat craft.

Paper Black Cat

Step 2:

On the cat paper craft template you will see a red line on the circle. This is the body / base for our black cat paper craft. Cut along the red lines on the circular black cardstock paper. 

Then, roll the black round paper into a cone shape.

Apply glue on the overlapped area to secure the cone shape on the cardstock paper.

Paper Black Cat

Step 3:

Now, cut out the cat’s belly using grey craft paper, and glue the grey triangle shaped craft paper on the centre of the black paper cone.

Paper Black Cat

Step 4:

Glue the cat’s ears on the top part of the black paper cat’s Head. 

Paper Black Cat

Step 5:

Now glue the cat’s pink nose on the centre of its face.

Use black marker pens or black sharpies to draw the cat’s whiskers on the two sides of the paper cat’s nose.

Paper Black Cat

Step 6:

Now take a black marker pen or a black sharpie and draw the pupils of the cat’s eyes on its yellow eyes. 

You can draw outlines around the cat’s head if you want to add more details.

Paper Black Cat

Step 7:

Gather all the pieces you made so fat for the black cat paper craft including the cat’s tail.

Paper Black Cat

Step 8:

For this step, glue the black cat’s head on the top part of the paper cone we made at the beginning. 

Black cat halloween paper craft for kids

Step 9: Final Step Of paper Black Cat Craft

Then finally, glue the black tail of the cat on the back or on side of the paper cone to finish this adorable spooky Halloween Black Cat Paper Craft.

How To Use This Paper Black Cat Halloween Craft For Kids:

Make this Paper black cat craft for you Halloween parties. If you want to decorate your house for this festive night and you want something easy you can make this black cat paper craft. 

Black cat craft preschool kids. 

Make paper crafts with your kids at home using the PDF templates and easy craft supplies. 

Find more Halloween crafts with templates here on our blog. We have easy paper crafts for preschool. If you make any of our paper crafts using our templates please feel free to share you creations with us. Stay connected to discover more crafts to make. Learn how to make a cat craft. Download the paper cat template free. Find more cat craft for kids. 

Black cat Halloween Paper Craft For Kids

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