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3D Easy Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft

Learn how to make Toilet paper Roll Bat decorations for this Halloween.

Tissue Paper Roll Bat Halloween Craft For

Do you want to decorate your home with spooky paper crafts this Halloween? Halloween crafts easy to make when you have easy templates. This Halloween crafts for preschoolers is easy to make with the help of printable templates. This is a good idea for children’s Halloween decorations. If you want to make Halloween crafts with paper, you can check this step-by-step craft. You can make these Halloween crafts with household items.

How To Make 3D Toilet Paper Roll Bat For Halloween

List Of Supplies:

  1. Colorful craft Paper.
  2. Toilet Paper Roll.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Paper Glue.
  7. Googly Eyes.

Download Free Template

Click Here To Download Toilet Paper Roll Bat Template

Click Here To Download Toilet Paper Roll Vampire Template


Step 1: How To Make Halloween Decoration Bat Craft


To make this Halloween Toilet paper Roll bat craft first, you need to download the printable templates. Collect the supplies you need from the list above. Once you have everything cut out the patterns for the bat using the templates and some craft papers.

Step 2: How To Make Halloween Bat Paper Craft

Now in this step, glue the bat’s mouth on the rectangular black craft paper. Then, glue the bat’s two pointy teeth on two sides of the bat’s mouth. Now, take the two medium-sized googly eyes and then glue them above the bat’s mouth.

Step 3: How To Make Tissue paper Roll Bat For Halloween


Now take a tissue paper roll, then apply glue on the rectangular black craft paper. Then wrap the black craft paper around the tissue paper roll. Allow the glue to dry.

Step 4: Make Halloween Bat Paper Craft

Take the bat’s black ears and then glue the small pink ears inside the bat’s black ears. Now, take the tissue paper roll and glue the bat’s both ears on the top part of the tissue paper roll.

Step 5: Learn To Make Tissue paper Roll Bat

Take the paper bat’s wings, then fold the sides of the wings slightly and then apply glue to the folded area. Now, glue the bat’s wings on the two sides of the tissue paper roll bat.

How To Make Toilet paper Roll Vampire Paper Craft

Toilet paper Roll Vampire

Download the PDF template for the toilet paper roll vampire craft from above. use the templates and colorful craft papers to cut out the patterns and pieces to make the vampire craft.

Join the vampire’s hair with its head using paper glue or craft glue.

Then, glue the two eyes on the top part of the vampire’s head.

After glueing the vampire’s eyes you need a marker pen and draw the vampire’s mouth. Glue the vampire’s pointy teeth on two ends of the vampire’s mouth. Also, glue the vampire’s eyebrows on top of the eyes.


Glue the vampire’s suit’s Lapel and collar with the black rectangular craft paper. Then, glue the shirt’s cuffs with the jacket’s sleeves.

Then, glue the red bow tie on the jacket. Then, glue the hands with the vampire’s sleeves.

Wrap the vampire’s jacket with a tissue paper roll.


Glue the vampire’s head on top of the vampire’s jacket.

Then finally, glue the vampire’s two hands on the two sides of the tissue paper roll to finish making the Halloween Tissue paper Roll Vampire Craft.

Tissue paper Roll Halloween Decoration Vampire bat Craft For Kids 1

How To Use These Paper Halloween Decoration Crafts

Thus toilet paper roll bat craft can be used to decorate your home for Halloween parties and gatherings. If you are looking for kids Halloween activities this toilet paper roll bat craft is really easy to make for kids. This toilet paper roll bat craft can be used for wall hanging decorations and also shelf decorations for halloween.

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Happy Halloween

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