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Easy Penguin Craft Puppets For Kids (6 Templates)

If you want your kids to learn about penguins you can use this penguin craft idea to spend some fun time learning with them. There are many penguin craft ideas for toddlers, this is also a good craft to try with the kids. 

Paper Penguin Craft Ideas For Kids

Growing up I used to watch the cartoon “Pingu” on Cartoon Network. It was one of my favorite cartoons of all time. Pingu was a very interesting little penguin. Back then I didn’t have much access to the internet but I read a lot of fun articles about penguins in wildlife books and magazines. Penguins are delightful and amazing creatures.

10 Absolutely Surprising Facts About Penguins For Kids

  • Kids, did you know that penguins can fly? But when you think of flying, you think of flying in the sky, but No! Penguins can fly underwater. They can swim very fast. Some penguins can reach speeds of 22 miles an hour.
  • Baby penguins go to school. As cute as it sounds it is true. Since penguins live in large colonies, they build groups to raise the penguin chicks. Being around many adult penguins the chicks learn fishing and behavior. It also helps them stay safe while growing up. 
  • There are about 18 kinds of penguins on this earth. Scientists have discovered fossils of giant penguins. 
  • Penguins don’t have teeth! You might be wondering how can stay chew and eat food if they don’t have teeth. inside of a penguin’s mouth, complete with serrated ridges on the top of the mouth that can be used to break up food.
  • You might think that penguins only live in Antarctica. Which is not completely true. Yes most of them do but, you can find them in Antarctica and Antarctic islands, the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, and Chile.
  • Penguins’ fur isn’t the only thing that keeps them warm in cold Antarctica. Since penguins are social animals they live in large groups, and they all huddle together to stay warm and cozy. 
  • Penguins love to have fun. As you know penguins can walk a lot, but sometimes they love “tobogganing.”. They lay on their tummy and slide because it’s faster than walking. 
  • Penguins are carnivores. They only eat meat. Because you can’t really find a lot of plants in the Antarctic right? They eat fish, krill, squids, etc. They need a lot of protein to survive n the cold. Mommy penguins feed their baby penguins. 
  • The penguins’ black and white color serves as camouflage while swimming. So wearing a tuxedo every day isn’t only fashionable for the penguins but it also helps them stay safe from predators. 
  • The smallest penguin species are called blue penguins or fairy penguins. They are just 30 centimeters tall. 
paper plate penguin craft

How To Make Paper Plate Penguin Craft For Kids:

Download Penguin Craft Printable Template:

Tools and Materials::

  1. Colorful Crafting Papers. 
  2. Paper Plates.
  3. Googly Eyes.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Glue.
  6. Pencil.
  7. Ruler.
  8. Marker Pens. 
penguin paper craft for kids

Step 1: 

To make your paper penguin craft you need to use black, white, and grey craft paper to cut out the body pattern for the penguin using the printable penguin templates.

penguin craft ideas for toddlers

Step 2:  

Glue the penguin’s head and body pattern with the front part (the white part). 

easy penguin craft  with paper

Step 3: 

Use a marker pen is Sharpie to draw outlines on the feet. 

Glue the penguin’s feet on the bottom part of the penguin’s body. 

paper penguin craft for kids

Step 4:

Glue the penguin’s flippers on the two sides of the paper penguin’s body. 

paper penguin craft ideas

Step 5:

Now, glue your paper penguin’s bill with the body.

penguin paper plate craft

Step 6: 

Glue two googly eyes above the paper penguin’s bill. 

penguin paper plate craft

Step 7: 

This step is a little silly but, glue the beanie on the top of the baby penguin’s head, and then glue the scarf around the baby penguin’s neck. 

Similarly, use the printable penguin templates to make the mommy penguin and the daddy penguin. 

Take a paper plate that is large enough to place the three paper craft penguins. Cut out some paper trees and a background for your paper plate. Decorate the paper plate using the paper trees and backgrounds. Place your paper penguin puppets inside the plate to finish making your craft. 

penguin craft paper plate

How To Use This Paper Penguin Craft paper Plate:

Make this easy penguin craft with the kids to spend some fun family time together. These paper penguin crafts are amazing puppet crafts for kids. Kids can play with these together and have tons of fun while learning fun facts about penguins. 

In our blog, we have tons of animals craft with free templates and instructions. We also discuss fun facts and help kids learn new things every day. 

We will be so grateful if you subscribe to our blog and leave a comment for us. Thank you for staying with us, hope to see you all in our next DIY craft project. 

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