DIY 3D Birthday Pop-Up Card Idea (2 Templates)

Fun and Easy Birthday Pop-Up Card Craft.

DIY Happy Birthday Pop Up Card Craft For Kids

Do you have a birthday party coming? I have a fun 3d pop up birthday cards DIY idea for you today. do you want to make birthday card invitations for your friends and family? This 3d pop up birthday card idea for kids is super easy to make with the help of free printable templates. birthday card designs are available here on our blog.

Learn how to Make a Birthday Card Easy and Beautiful. 

Easily download and print out the templates to make handmade birthday gift card at home. 

Handmade Birthday Pop Up Card Ideas

Tools and Materials:

  1. Cardstock Paper.
  2. Colorful Craft Paper. 
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Glue.
  7. Marker pens.

How To Make Pop-Up Birthday Cards For Kids Step-by-step instructions:

Birthday Pop Up Card Template

Download Templates For Birthday Pop-Up Card

First, use the attached file above to download the printable templates for the birthday pop-up card.

How To Make A DIY 3D Birthday Pop Up Card (1)
How To Make A DIY 3D Birthday Pop Up Card (2)

Step 1: Cutout Cupcake Template:

Cut out the cupcake, candle and sprinkles to make the paper cupcake for your birthday pop-up card.

Step 2: Draw Outlines:

Use colorful marker pen or sharpies to draw outlines on the birthday cupcake and the candles.

Step 3: Join The Candle:

Glue the cupcake frosting with the cake, and then glue the flames with the candles. 

Step 4: Add Sprinkles:

Glue the colorful sprinkles on the paper cupcake. 

Step 5: Glue the candles.

Now, apply glue to the bottom parts of the paper candles, and then glue the candles on the top of the cupcake frosting.

How To Make A DIY 3D Birthday Pop Up Card (3)

Step 6: Make a pop-up card:

Select a white A4-sized cardstock paper. 

Fold the card paper in half. You can use the whole card paper if you want to. 

I will cut off 2 inches of the cardstock paper to make this pop-up birthday card.

Step 7: Draw 2 Lines:

For this step, you can directly download the “Birthday Pop Up Card Template PDF”.

Draw two 3 inches lines on the closed end of the card paper.

These two vertical lines must be equal from the sides of the card paper.

Step 8: Cut along:

Run your scissors over the lines and cut the first pop-up card socket for your DIY birthday card.

Step 9: Turn The Card::

Open the card paper. Then fold the cut area inwards on the card.

How To Make A DIY 3D Birthday Pop Up Card (4)

Step 10: Close card:

Close the pop-up card keeping the first pop-up card socket inside the card. 

Step 11: Second Pop-Up Card Socket::

This step is very important. If you want to make two-story pop up card you will need to do this step carefully. 

Draw two vertical lines as we did in the previous step, only this time these two lines have to be shorter, and also smaller in width than the previous ones. Use the help of the “Birthday Pop Up Card Template PDF”.to draw the lines.

Step 12: Cut Along:

Take a pair of scissors and carefully cut along the lines. Remember to only cut the top layer of paper.

Observe the next image carefully. 

Step 13: 

This is what the card will look like.

How To Make A DIY 3D Birthday Pop Up Card (5)

Step 14: Open up the birthday pop-up card:

Open the card to reveal the double pop-up card sockets.

How To Make A DIY 3D Birthday Pop Up Card (6)

Step 15: Pop-Up card Decorations:

Cut out colorful birthday banners and letters to decorate the card.

Step 16: How To Decorate Birthday Pop-Up card

Glue the colorful “Happy Birthday” Letters on the first pop up card socket.

Step 17: Pop-Up card Decorations:

Glue the birthday paper cupcake on the top pop up card socket.

How to make a birthday pop up card (20)-tile

Step 18: Birthday Pop-Up card Decorations:

Draw two lines on the two sides of the card. Then, glue the triangular birthday banners on the strings. 

Step 19: Pop Up card Decorations:

Glue some colorful stars and draw some colorful polka dots on the card to add more details. 

How To Make A DIY 3D Birthday Pop Up Card (8)

Step 20: Pop Up card Cover:

Select a back cover for your birthday pop-up card. Then, glue the back cover of the back of the birthday pop-up card.

How To Use This DIY 3D Birthday Pop-Up Card

Do you want to make a birthday card with the kids? Make your own birthday pop up cards at home to gift to your friends and family. Send birthday invitations using handmade birthday gift cards. 

Tulip Pop Up Card Ideas

Here is how to make a pop up card easy and fun.


3D Pop-up Birthday Cards DIY is so fun to do.

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