How To Make Paper Christmas Garland 2 Templates Fun

How much is Christmas decoration too much Christmas decoration? I can never get enough of Christmas crafts. Today I have this amazing paper Christmas garland DIY craft for you guys. I tried to keep the patterns simple and easy for this Christmas paper garland template. If you are looking for Christmas paper garland ideas I think you’ll love making this Christmas paper garland craft. 

Paper Garland For Christmas Decoration Easy

There are so many paper Christmas garlands to make but sometimes the patterns can be difficult for kids. So I kept the templates easy so kids can make this at home for Christmas decorations. 

This paper Christmas garland craft took me about 30 minutes to make of course I had some help from my sister while making this Paper Christmas Garland. Since there are 5-6 patterns of things if you all work together you can make it in no time. 

Learn How To Make Paper Christmas Garland

Tools and Materials:

  1. Craft Paper.
  2. Cardstock Paper.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Twine or Thread. 

Download Printable Paper Christmas Garland Template

Paper Christmas Garland Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Cut Out Patterns For Christmas Decorations:

paper Christmas garland(1)

Choose a template from the “Christmas Garland Template.pdf”, and use colorful shades of craft papers to trace and cut out the patterns using the templates. 

Step 2: Make The Paper Christmas Tree:

paper Christmas garland diy (2)

Glue the three layers of the Christmas tree together, glue the smallest one on the top and the largest one at the bottom. 

Step 3: Glue The Christmas Tree Trunk:

paper Christmas garlands to make (3)

Apply a thin layer of glue on the tip of the Christmas tree trunk and then glue the trunk with the tree. 

Step 4: Christmas Bell:

Christmas paper garland ideas (4)

Glue the clapper and mouth of the bell together. 

Step 5: Christmas Bell Pattern:

Christmas paper garland templates (5)

Glue the bell’s waist and month together. 

Then, glue the paper ribbon on the top of the bell. 

Step 6:Paper Christmas Stocking :

Christmas paper garland craft (6)

Glue the paper Christmas stockings heels and welt with the sock. 

Step 7: Christmas Paper Star Craft: 

paper xmas garlands (7)

Draw lines in the middle part of each point of the paper star using a slightly darker yellow shaded marker pen.

Step 8: Paper Christmas Star:

paper christmas decorations paper christmas lights garland (8)

Then, fill in one-half of the points using the same dark yellow marker pen. 

Step 9: Finish The Decoration:

paper Christmas decorations diy Christmas Garland (9)

Gather all the paper Christmas decorations for the paper Christmas garland. Cut out a long piece of twine or thread for the Christmas garland.  

Step 10: Final Step For Paper Christmas Garland:

how to make paper Christmas garland (10)

Use sticky tape to join the paper Christmas decorations on the twine to make the paper Christmas garland craft. 

You can make this paper Christmas garland craft using only one of the patterns as well. If you want to make a Christmas garland only using the stockings or Christmas lights, you can cut out 5-6 pieces of the same patterns from different kinds of craft papers and you can make your own customized paper Christmas garland craft. 

Paper Christmas Garland Decoration Craft For Christmas

I know there are so many Christmas decorations you can buy from any store nearby. But since everyone is gathering around for Christmas it’s very important we spend some quality time with our loved ones. 

If you are having a Christmas party this year or maybe just having a nice dinner with your family and you want to add little light Christmas decorations to cheer up the mood you can totally make this fun paper Christmas garland craft. 

Making paper crafts can be messy but it’s also cheaper than most decorations you can find in the store. If you’re on a budget but you want to decorate your home for Christmas I think you should give this craft a go. 

Here in our arty crafty bee family, we love to make different crafts every day. We have another beautiful Christmas decoration craft you can try.

Paper Cone Christmas Tree Holiday Decoration Craft
Paper Cone Christmas Tree

Here is another idea from another creator, you can also make this paper Christmas lights garland at home.

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