Easy Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer Craft

Are you looking for reindeer craft ideas? If you’re wondering how to do reindeer crafts with kids, this reindeer craft preschool project is perfect for you.  Our Arty Crafty Bee team has prepared this astonishing Paper Reindeer Craft that you can definitely try out for this Christmas. This craft is not only for kids, if you want reindeer craft ideas for adults you can still enjoy masking this Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer. These patterns make this paper reindeer craft is not that difficult at all. Mostly our crafts have a cartoonish vibe, but this toilet paper roll reindeer craft has a very realistic look.

If you want to know how to craft paper reindeer side by side, this toilet paper roll reindeer craft is perfect for you. Learn how to make reindeer craft using toilet paper roll and craft papers, these are one of the most common and easy-to-find craft supplies that you can use to make fun crafts.

How To Make A Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer Craft

toilet paper roll reindeer craft

Tools and Materials

  1. Toilet Paper Roll.
  2. Colorful Construction Papers.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Eraser.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Glue.
  8. Marker Pens.

Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer Craft Template

Click to download free templates.

Instructions For Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer

Step 1: Cut Out Reindeer Pattern

reindeer craft preschool

Download the reindeer craft printable templates from the link attached above. Print out the templates on an A4-sized sheet. Use a pair of scissors to cut out the patterns along the outline.

If you don’t want to cut out the patterns from the templates, you can always use carbon paper to trace the patterns on your selected craft papers.

Select the colors you want to use to make your toilet paper roll reindeer craft from colorful construction papers or cardstock papers.

Today I will be using these beige brown shaded colors to make the toilet paper roll reindeer craft.

Step 2: Glue The Reindeer Ears

Glue the light beige face and neck cut-out over the darker beige cut-out pattern.

Glue the light beige small ear cutout patterns inside the larger ear cutout patterns.

Since our reindeer is going to be a side-by-side reindeer craft, we will glue one ear on front of the head, and slightly on the right side of the head, and glue the other ear on the back, and keep the light beige part facing the back.

Step 3: Creating the Antlers

Glue both paper cutout antlers of the reindeer on the top of the head, in between the two ears.

Glue the light beige spots cutouts on the paper reindeer’s craft’s body, head and tail.

Step 4: Preparing the Toilet Paper Roll

In this step, we will be preparing our toilet paper roll. If you are a kid you will need an adult’s help for this step. First, you will need to cut your toilet paper roll into half, or one-third of your toilet paper roll.

Then, place the reindeer’s base cut out around the toilet paper roll and trace the pattern on your toilet paper roll.

Cut the toilet paper roll along the outline you have traced from the base pattern.

Once you have your toilet paper roll prepared, go ahead and glue the reindeer’s base cut out over the toilet paper roll.

Step 5: Assembling the Reindeer Craft

Use a pair of scissors to cut a slit on one side of the toilet paper roll.

Then put the paper reindeer’s head through the slit and apply glue to hold it.

And finally, cut another smaller slit on the opposite end of the head, and place the reindeer’s tail through that slit. And here you are your toilet paper roll reindeer craft is ready.

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Would you like to know what to use for reindeer antlers in a craft instead of just card stock or construction paper? You can definitely use pipe cleaners or even twigs.

Fun Reindeer Facts For Kids

In North America, reindeer are called “caribou,” while in Europe and Asia, they are known as “reindeer.” However, both reindeer and carious belong to the same species, Rangifer tarandus.

Both male and female reindeer grow antlers, There are some other deer species where only male deer have antlers. Male reindeer typically shed their antlers in the winter, while females keep them throughout the season. Can you imagine how fascinating it is that the reindeer shed their antlers?

Reindeer are well-adapted to cold climates and can be found in the Arctic and subarctic regions of North America, Europe, Asia, and Greenland.

Diet: Reindeer are herbivores and mainly graze on grasses, mosses, and lichen. Their specialized hooves are designed to help them dig through snow to access food.

Social Behavior: Reindeer are social animals that often form herds, especially during migration. They have a complex social hierarchy within these herds.

Reindeer have coats that change color with the seasons to provide camouflage. In the summer, their fur is brown, and in the winter, it turns white to blend in with the snowy landscape.

In the wild, reindeer can live up to 10 to 15 years, while in captivity, they can live longer.

Hope you enjoyed crafting with us. See you in our next post.

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