Fun Paper Plate Boat

Learn how to make a paper boat with paper plate. 

Paper Plate boat craft

Are you looking for a paper plate boat activity for kids? I have a fun paper plate boat craft for toddlers you will absolutely love trying with your kids. 

This easy paper plate boat crafts for preschoolers is not only fun to make it’s also very cute and also a great project for your students. 

If you are a teacher of kindergarten and you want to do a paper plate boat arts and crafts activity with your students you can download our free templates to make the boat. With modern technology, kids don’t get to spend a lot of time outside playing and having outdoor activities. Whether you’re a homeschooling mom or a teacher you can find a lot of inspiring arts and crafts activities you can try with your children. We have educational and fun crafts. Learn numbers, shapes, coloring, paper cutting and even drawing. 


  1. Paper plate 
  2. Pencil 
  3. Scissors 
  4. Ruler 
  5. Glue 
  6. Colourful paint 

Download The Paper Plate Boat Craft Template

Get Free Templates.

Step by Step Instructions 

Step 1:

Select a paper plate you want to use for your paper plate boat craft. 

Cut the paper plate in half. You can make two boats out of one paper plate.

Take a paint brush and red paint. First start off by colouring the top border using red paint. 

Then use yellow colored paint and paint a stripe on the middle part of the half-cut paper plate, and finally color the bottom with red paint to finish coloring the paper plate.

Step 2: 

Use the PDF templates to cut out the patterns for windows and sails.

Take the cardboard strip and the large sail, glue the large sail on one side of the cardboard strip, 

Then glue the smaller sail on the other side of the cardboard strip,

Glue the windows on the half-cut paper plate. 

paper boat craft for preschoolers

Finish it by gluing the sails on the top middle part of the paper plate boat to finish your paper plate boat craft.

How To Use This Paper Plate Boat Craft

paper boat craft step by step

This paper plate boat craft is not just a typical craft project you can also play with this paper plate boat. 

If you are having an ocean themed party or beach-themed party you can make these paper plate boats for party decorations. If you’re throwing a fun birthday party and want to set up a crafting table you can add this paper plate boat craft activity to your list. This is a fun way to turn your boring paper plates into something fun. 

Paper Plate Craft Tips:

  1. To make the plant appear vibrant on your paper plate first use a layer of white acrylic paint on the base of the paper plate before applying any other other colors. Allow the white paint to be down before you add other colors. 
  2. Make sure when you color your paper plate the paint isn’t too watery or runny. It may run and ruin the base. 
  3. If a layer of paint needs double layering make sure you wait till the first layer is dry before adding the second layer.

Learn to make a fun Rocking Paper Plate Boat Craft.

If you enjoyed making this paper plate boat with us please share it with us in the comments. If you give this craft a try at home please share your project with us on our Facebook page and Pinterest.  We have plenty more paper plate crafts you can try with your kids.  Please suggest to us what craft activities you’d like to see from us next, also stay tuned with us to discover more crafts every weekend.  

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