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Amina Faiz Choudhury Of Arty Crafty Bee

Sharing My Creative Journey at Arty Crafty Bee
Hey there! I’m Amina Faiz Choudhury, the heart and soul behind Arty Crafty Bee, where I weave magic through kids’ arts and crafts. Let me take you on a stroll through my life, sharing the bits and pieces that make me the creative force fueling this vibrant corner of the internet.
Early Life and Inspiration
So, let’s rewind a bit. I am a late millennial and an early Gen Z I guess you can say I am a “Zillennial”l, and my journey into the world of creativity started when I was just a little one. Growing up in a family that breathed creativity, my sister, a DIY blogger, became my beacon of inspiration.
Crafting Journey
Fast forward to today, and I’ve turned that childhood passion into Arty Crafty Bee – a place where kids and parents can dive into a world of creativity. What’s unique? Well, all my crafts come with free printable templates, making it easy for everyone to join the artistic adventure.
Beyond the Web: My Creative Oasis
But, of course, the fun doesn’t stop there. I’ve got a YouTube channel For Arty Crafty Bee where I spill the beans on crafting through tutorial videos. It’s my way of giving back and sharing the knowledge I’ve gained over the years. Oh, and did I mention I contribute to platforms like “Instructables” and “Cut Out Plus Keep” as a content writer?
The Multifaceted Me
But, let’s not box me in. I’ve got more than crafting up my sleeve. With a background in Psychology, I bring a unique twist to my creations, infusing a bit of educational psychology into the magical world of Arty Crafty Bee.
Passion Unveiled: Beauty Blogging
And then there’s my love for beauty blogging. Yes, I’m not just about kiddie crafts – I’ve got a knack for navigating the sophisticated world of beauty too. I love making small beauty content reels on Instagram.
So, in a nutshell, I’m Amina Faiz Choudhury, weaving dreams and spreading creativity from my little corner of the world in [Location: Private]. Dive into Arty Crafty Bee, explore the wonders, and let the magic inspire your own creative journey. Cheers to art, beauty, and the incredible journey of self-discovery!
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