DIY Christmas Card Craft Easy

Ready to see some DIY Christmas card ideas? When it comes to Christmas holidays DIY Christmas cards are a great addition to Christmas gifts. I made this simple DIY Christmas card craft for kids and adults. Because the card comes with free templates anyone can easily make these crafts. 

diy christmas card display holder

You will discover a lot of DIY Christmas card ideas Pinterest pins, and I’m sure you might find something similar to this one, but not as easy. 

How To Make Christmas Card

In our arty craft bee family, we have lots of DIY Christmas card designs you can try at home, and the best part is all of our templates are completely free to download. 

List of Supplies:

  1. Colorful Cardstock Papers. 
  2. Colorful Construction Papers. 
  3. Pencil. 
  4. Ruler. 
  5. Scissors. 
  6. Glue. 
  7. Googly Eyes. 

DIY Christmas Card Template

Click to get free templates. 

Step by Step Instructions:

The templates are A4 sized. First, you need to fetch all the supplies I’ve listed above. 

Then download the PDF templates and print them out. 

Step 1: Cut Out The Card Base:

 diy christmas card ideas

To make this Santa card first you need to cut out a cardstock paper and fold it in half. The size of the card depends on the size of your templates.

Take a red rectangular cardstock cutout.

Glue the cut-out on the top part of the cardstock base.

Glue the light beige colored rectangular cardstock cutout below the red cardstock

Step 2: Cut Out Patterns From Embossed Paper:

diy christmas card photo ideas

From the templates trace the curvy pattern number 1 on white embossed patterned craft papers. 

Cut out the pattern using scissors. 

Glue the white embossed paper on the card’s top part, slightly covering the bottom of the red cardstock. 

Then, draw Santa’s beard from the templates on the white embossed craft papers. 

Step 3:  Glue The Beard:

diy christmas card ideas pinterest

Cut out the beard pattern using scissors. 

Glue the beard on the bottom of the card. 

Take another piece of white embossed paper and draw the mustache pattern on the paper.

Cut out the mustache along the outline using scissors. 

Step 4:Glue The Nose And Moustache

simple diy christmas card

Draw the oval-shaped nose on beige-colored craft papers.

Cut out the oval-shaped nose using a pair of scissors. Then, glue the nose with the mustache.

Take a thin foam piece, and glue it on the back of the mustache. 

Glue the mustache above the beard. 

Step 5 Add Finishing Touches:

diy christmas card template

Glue two googly eyes on the card.

Then, glue the leaves on the border of the beanie. 

How To Use This Christmas Gift Card 

If you want a DIY Christmas card for teacher

You can make this card using cardstock and craft papers. The patterns are very easy to cut out with the help of the templates. 

This card can be also used as an addition to Christmas gifts. This Santa Christmas card is a lovely handmade gift for your friends and family. 

Tips and Tricks To Make A Christmas Card:

  • Always remember to cut out the base of the card after you have cut out the decorations. You can use the decorations as measurements to cut out the card. 
  • You don’t need to use cardstock to make the entire card, but make sure to cut out the main base from cardstock paper. 
  • If you want a card that can be folded and opened, cut out a cardstock that is twice the size of the width of your decorations. 
  • Use carbon papers to copy and trace the template patterns on the colorful craft papers. 

If you have enjoyed this craft please let us know in the comments. If you try this craft at home please share your creations with us on our Facebook page

Let us know what you want to see next from us. We have plenty more Christmas crafts and holiday crafts you might enjoy so please stay tuned with us. Best 3D Christmas Pop Up Card

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