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World Environment Day Craft Ideas – Earth Plush Easy Sewing Felt Craft

Learn to make an earth plush using felt and easy sewing techniques.

Earth Plush Sewing Craft For Earth day

Are you looking for earth day craft ideas for adults which is also suitable for earth day crafts kindergarten kids?  Try this simple earth day craft that can also be a World environment day craft for adults 

I was browsing the web for World environment day craft ideas, in my blog I have made plenty of recycling crafts. Mostly I recycled toilet paper rolls, paper cups, paper plates, etc. But do you ever wonder what you can do with the small pieces of felts that get left over from making felt crafts? This gave me the idea to make this adorable felt earth day plush craft. 

Easy Sewing For Kids: Earth Plush With Felt

List of Supplies:

earth day craft ideas for adults
  1. Colorful felt fabrics
  2. Pencil – to trace the template
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. Cotton or scrap felts
  5. Needle
  6. Sewing Thread.

Get Download Free Templates- Earth Plush

Click To Download Template.

Sew Easy Felt Plush – Earth Plush Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Gather Materials For The Earth Plush:

simple earth day crafts

Choose blue and green felt fabrics for the Earth plush, black and white for the eyes, and pink for the heart, and select green felt for the recycling arrows and any colored felt of your choice for the base. Trace and cut out the patterns neatly.

Step 2: Prepare The Supplies To Make The Earth Plush:

Take any one of the base cutouts and the green parts of the Earth. Prepare the needle with green

thread. Place a green felt cutout around the edge of the base and stitch along the inner side with simple blanket stitches.

Place and stitch the next green part around the side of the base, keeping the outer edges intact for now.

One by one stitch the three green pieces with the felt Earth base.

Fasten the green thread to the backside or keep it if there’s enough thread to stitch around the

side of the felt Earth base. Place the eye cutouts pieces together and thread the needle with white thread. 

Step 3: Sew The Eyes On The Plush:

Place any one of the eye patterns slightly above the middle part of the stitched Earth base.

Use the white thread-attached needle to stitch a small white dot near the side of the black part of

the eye. Stitch the Earth base along with the eyes.

After stitching the white dot, stitch around the sides of the white base of the eye. Similarly, stitch

the other eye. Use a gel pen to draw the mouth-line, below the eyes.

Use black thread to stitch along the traced mouth-line. Place the other plain base cutout under the

stitched one and use the green thread to work flat blanket stitches around the sides.

Step 4: Stuff The Plush and Finish Stitching:

Keep a small opening to stuff the felt Earth pattern

Stuff the Earth pattern with the scrap felts until it’s nice and fluffy.

World environment day craft for toddlers

Close the open end to secure the stuffing. Tie 2 tight knots and cut off extra thread. Stitch the

heart cutout on either side of the Earth plush’s lower side.

Attach a satin ribbon loop on the backside of the felt Earth plush to use it as an ornament.

felt plush easy sewing craft ideas

Did you enjoy making this craft? If you want to find out more recycling crafts go to Arty Crafty Bee Recycled Crafts.

World Environment Day Common Activities Include:

Planting Trees

People all over the world engage in tree-planting activities. At schools, offices, and communities.

Clean-up Campaigns

Communities, organizations, schools, etc launch clean-up campaigns to raise awareness in people. People of all ages volunteer in these campaigns. 

Educational Programs

Schools, environmental organizations, and community centers often conduct interactive sessions, presentations, and discussions to educate kids about topics like climate change, biodiversity, and conservation.

Art and Craft Projects

Just like this felt earth plush sewing crafts, people engage with many arts and crafts projects during world environment day. People learn to make earth day crafts using recycled materials. Look for earth day crafts for kids, world environment day craft for toddlers, and earth day crafts preschool activities to inspire kids about world environment day. 

How Kids Can Contribute to World Environment Day

Children have a significant role to play in protecting the environment. Here are some ways kids can contribute to World Environment Day and make a positive impact:

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Encourage kids to practice the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. By reducing waste, reusing items, and recycling materials,

Conserving Water and Energy: Teach kids the importance of conserving water and energy. Teach them not to waste water and energy. It can start as simply as turning off the faucet while brushing teeth and turning off the light when leaving the room. 

Planting and Caring for Trees: Try to engage children in planting trees. If you have a yard at home make a mini garden with them. Tell them about the importance of trees in our lives. 

Avoiding Single-Use Plastics: Plastics are not good for the environment, particularly marine ecosystems. Encourage kids to say no to using plastics like plastic bags, straws, and disposable cutlery. Instead, they can use eco-friendly alternatives like reusable bags, stainless steel straws, and bamboo straws.

Spreading Awareness: Teach kids why is it important to keep our environment safe. If they are taught from a young age it will help us to move this awareness to the next generation. Kids can easily influence their friends and spread awareness. 

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