How To Make Origami Star Garland Easy

Are you looking for origami star easy ideas to make an origami Christmas star garland? I have this origami star no cutting idea you might like. Origami star Christmas decoration sounded like a great idea to me. So I made this origami star garland craft.

origami Christmas star garland

Origami Star Instructions Easy


  •   Colorful Origami Craft Paper.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors (optional).
  • Twine or Yarn.
  • Sticky Tape.

Origami Star Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1:

origami star paper craft 1

To make your origami star you need to select a square origami craft paper. If you don’t have origami craft papers, you can also use thin colorful craft papers. 

I have selected this 5*5 inches square origami craft paper to make the origami star. 

Step 2:

origami star easy 2

Fold the square origami craft paper right in the center horizontally. 

Open the fold.

Fold the paper again in half, but only this time fold it vertically. 

Open the fold. You can see the folds have created creases on the paper, this will help us make our origami star. 

Step 3:

origami paper star garlands 3

Flip the paper to the opposite side. Place the origami craft paper diagonally on the table or wherever you are working on. 

Step 4:

origami star no cutting easy 4

Take the bottom point of the paper then, bring it upwards to the top point and fold the paper in half. 

Open the fold.

Similarly, take the left point of the paper and bring it towards the right point, and fold it in the middle. 

Open the fold.

Step 5:

origami star Christmas craft 5

The tricky part is yet to come. Hold the left and right points of the origami paper, and push the points towards each other, this will automatically fold along the 8 folds we made so far. 

This will create a triangular-shaped folded piece. 

Step 6:

origami star decorations for Christmas 6

Take the left top flap of the triangular piece and fold it upwards along the crease in the middle.

Similarly, fold the right top flap as well. 

Open the folds. These folds will create two diagonal creases on the origami piece. 

Step 7:

how to make origami star step by step 7

Take the right flap and fold it along the diagonal crease on the left side.

Open the fold.

Repeat the same process for the left side’s flap. 

Open the fold. This will create two more angled creases on the origami piece. 

Step 8:

origami star ornament 8

Fold the left flap like an accordion fold. The green crease will go inwards and the red marked crease will go outwards. Visit this Pinterest link to see a video if you find this step difficult. 

Similarly, fold the right side’s flap as well. 

Step 9:

origami star how to make 9

Once you are finished folding one side, flip the origami craft piece over to the other side. 

Repeat the same instructions from the previous step and fold the two sides. 

Step 10:

origami star instructions easy 10

Now hold the piece in the middle, and face the pointed part downwards, you will notice four points in two parts. 

Carefully separate the two parts, bring two points from the bottom side downwards and fold it in the middle. 

This is pretty much it, your origami star is ready. 

Apply glue on areas you think that is necessary to secure the folds. 

Now let’s make the garland. 

Step 11:

origami star garland decoration 11

To make the origami Christmas star garland you need to make a few more origami stars. 

Make some smaller and more colorful ones to make the origami paper star garland more attractive. 

Take a yarn to start making the garland. 

Take one of the stars and a piece of sticky tape. Place the yarn on the back of the star, then, use sticky tape to join the origami star with the yarn. 

Join the rest of the stars on the yarn, and keep a little distance between the origami stars. 

And your origami star garland DIY decoration is ready. 

Origami Star Christmas Decoration

Origami Star garland For Christmas Decoration Ideas.

Thank you for being with us through our origami star decoration Christmas garland craft.

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