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Frozen Olaf Bookmark Craft For Kids (2 Printable)

Learn to Make Cute Olaf Bookmarks.

Disney Frozen Craft Bookmark

“You wanna build a snowman?”, we all heard of this song from the frozen movie. Olaf from the Disney movie Frozen is a very amazing character. He became a favorite Disney character for the kids very quickly. Olaf is very funny and cute. It has been almost 10 years since the Frozen movie was released. I was only 16 back then but this feels just like yesterday. 

Today I have these cute Olaf Bookmarks for you. I have made Frozen craft activities before but not for my blog. I had this inspiration for a while now but I wasn’t able to share the idea before. Let’s get started on our amazing magical journey and make these cute Olaf Bookmarks. 

Before we get started I want to share some fun facts about the Frozen Character “Olaf”. All these facts were collected from different authors I will be sharing the sources with the facts. I hope you enjoy it.

Olaf Frozen Craft Bookmark Ideas

5 Fun Facts About Olaf From Frozen Disney Movie (Collected)

How To Make Frozen Olaf Bookmarks Craft For Kids:

Download Printable Templates:

Olaf Bookmark Template_page-0001

Click To Download The Olaf Bookmark

Step 1: Cut Out The  patterns:

Olaf frozen craft ideas

Download the printable templates for Olaf bookmark craft. 

Trace the patterns from the template on cardstock paper. Use a pair of scissors to cut out the patterns from the cardstock paper.

Step 2:Glue The Mouth:

olaf frozen crafts for toddlers

Glue Olaf’s mouth on the top portion of the snowman pattern.

Then glue the teeth on the top part of the mouth. 

Use a marker pen or Sharpie to draw the outline on the pattern.

Step 3: Eyes and Nose:

Olaf frozen crafts for preschoolers

Take the orange carrot shaped nose and glue it right above Olaf’s mouth. 

Then, glue the two eyes above Olaf’s nose.

Step 4: Eyebrows:

olaf frozen craft activities

Take the two brown eyebrows and glue each eyebrow above the eyes of Olaf.

Step 5: Buttons:

olaf frozen craft ideas for preschoolers

Glue the three buttons in a straight vertical line. 

Step 6: Hands:

Olaf frozen crafts printable

Now for the final step, glue the hands with the body.

Glue one hand on the right side and the other on left.

How To Use These Frozen Olaf Bookmark Craft For Kids:

Since these are bookmarks I guess t is very obvious how we can use these. If you love to read books and enjoy using bookmarks, you can make these bookmarks for your winter reading. This can be a great addition for kids. Making cute bookmarks for schoolwork can motivate them as well. 

These Olaf bookmarks can also be used as puppets. If you glue or tape a popsicle stick on the back of the bookmark kids can play with them as puppets. But to play with Olaf puppets you need a few more additional characters like Elsa and Anna. Please stay with us for the next craft to make Elsa and Anna puppets. 

Before we leave, I would like to share a few reasons why I love Frozen. 

Frozen was so much different than the other Disney movies. Growing up me and my sisters were obsessed with Disney princesses, and we still are. But Frozen has a very special place. I love how it showcased the bond of sisterhood, you don’t see that usually. It had more valuable lessons than other Disney movies. It also shows, despite the fact Anna and Elsa were so different but in the end, their sisterhood bond was much stronger and it helped them overcome their problems. Both Elsa and Anna hold a great role in young girl’s lives. 

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