5 Cool Handprint Animals Coloring Craft

Are you interested in handprint crafts for kids? I have 5 amazing handprint craft ideas for you today. Make five cute handprint animal crafts following our tutorial. This handprint craft idea for toddlers is so cute and easy to do. The kids love making handprint crafts for summer.

Make a cute handprint chicken craft, handprint giraffe craft, handprint lion craft, flamingo art craft, and a goldfish craft.

handprint animal craft for kids

Handprint painting is very messy. So it’s best to be prepared for a colorful fun mess. 

If you want to find easy handprint painting ideas please stay tuned here with us. 

Before you start this project with the kids, you need to get some old newspapers. Either you are making this project on the floor or the table, lay out the old newspapers on the floor or table. This will prevent you from getting paint all over your stuff.  

Here are 5 Fun Facts About These Animals We Made:

  • Giraffes are the tallest animals in Earth. 
  • Flamingos can sleep standing on one leg. 
  • Clownfish communicate by making popping and clicking sounds.
  • A group of lions is called “pride”. 
  • Chickens are living descendants of dinosaurs. 

How To Make Handprint Painting Craft For Toddlers:

hanprint animals painting craft for kids

Tools and Materials:

  1. Tissue Paper Roll.
  2. Colorful Craft Papers. 
  3. Scissors.
  4. Glue.
  5. Pencil.
  6. Ruler.
  7. Marker Pens or Sharpies. 
  8. Googly Eyes/

Instructions For Hanprint Animal Coloring Craft

handprint craft ideas for toddlers

Step 1:

Cut out a cardstock paper or a thick art paper for your Handprint animal painting craft. 

Make sure the paper is large enough to fit the handprint and details.

handprint crafts for summer

Step 2:

Since this craft is for kids and toddlers, you need to use washable non-toxic paint for babies. 

Take a yellow shade of watercolor or paint. Apply the paint to the baby’s palm and fingers. To get the best result to apply it with a brush evenly on the hand. 

Then, make a handprint on the white paper. 

handprint giraffe craft

Step 3: 

If you have some gaps left you can use a thin paintbrush to fill them in. Or you can leave the gaps for a unique design. 

handprint lion craft

Step 4:

Use your thumb and a pencil to draw the giraffe’s head, then draw two lines to draw the giraffe’s neck to join the head and body. 

handprint painting for toddlers

Step 5:

Use the same yellow paint to fill in the outline of the giraffe’s head and neck. 

Allow the paint to dry properly so that we can move on to the next step.

handprint chicken craft

Step 6:

Take a thin paintbrush and some orange paint or watercolor. Use the brush and paint to draw the giraffe’s spots on the giraffe’s body.

handprint painting ideas

Step 7:

Then use, brown paint to paint the giraffe’s hooves. And use orange and brown paint to paint the giraffe’s tail luft.

handprint paint animals

Step 8:

Use a marker pen to draw the giraffe’s horns. 

Then glue a googly eye on the giraffe.

handprint paint crafts

Step 9:

To finish up the handprint animal painting craft, take green and blue water colors. Paint the bottom half of the background using green paint. Then, use blue paint to color the top half of the background.

Hanprint Animal Coloring Craft For Kindergarten

Hanprint Lion Craft

How To Use These Handprint Animal Painting Crafts:

These handprint animals painting crafts are a great way to decorate the kids classrooms. If you are a preschool or kindergarten teacher you can let your students make these projects for arts and craft class, and later you can decorate the classroom with them. 

If you are a parent and want to spend some fun time with your kids you can make these cute handprint animal crafts with your kids. These can be used to decorate your kids rooms. You can also put these in photo frames and art books. 

I was looking for ways to use my paints that I barely touch. And suddenly handprint paint ideas just popped into my head. I was not sure at first what I wanted to make. But I wanted to make Handprint Animal crafts. But it had to be a Handprint paint for preschoolers. So I googled a few Handprint paint ideas. Making a giraffe using paint seemed fun. Then I saw a goldfish painting which also seemed very colorful and vibrant. Flamingo crafts for toddlers also seemed like a good craft idea. 

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Thank you for staying with us and learning how to make handprint animal painting crafts. Hope to see you in our next post.

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