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Easy Paper Cup Unicorn Craft Idea (+2 Printables)

If you are looking for recycled crafts or birthday party decorations, I think this Paper Cup Unicorn craft will be a great idea. I have made this Paper Cup Unicorn with step-by-step instructions and easy paper cutout templates.

unicorn craft diy

We have a magical journey ahead of us today. Growing up I have always been fascinated by mystical creatures. There are some scary mysterious creatures like werewolves, goblins, and ghouls, but there are some beautiful ones like mermaids, fairies, and unicorns. I have seen unicorns in many cartoons, but when I saw Lila the unicorn from Barbie of Swan Lake, it became more interesting to me.  

I have collected a few fun unicorn facts you might like, The sources I collected the facts from being linked with the facts. And one of the facts is my own. So before we make our paper cup unicorn craft let’s have a look at these exciting unicorn facts. 

5 Interesting Facts About Unicorns You Might Not Know

  • Unicorns don’t eat grass. Unicorns use their horns to absorb the sun’s light and convert it into energy.
  • Unicorns are the national animal of Scotland. I think that’s pretty awesome. 
  • In Lascaux Caves of southwestern France, the first drawing of unicorns was discovered. 
  • Greek historian Ctesias (around 400 BCE) was the first to describe and write about unicorns. Even though unicorns are not part of Greek mythology, this is very fascinating. 
  • Have you heard of Narwhals? They are not mystical creatures. These underwater toothed whales hold a very interesting fact about the Unicorn’s existence. Magical or not, narwhals have one horn like unicorns. Now if you feel like unicorns aren’t real, think of the narwhals. Is it impossible? 
Paper Cup Unicorn Craft For Kids

How To Make A Paper Cup Unicorn:

Tools and Materials::

  1. Colorful Crafting Papers. 
  2. Paper Cup or Plastic Cup.
  3. Golden Glitter Craft Paper.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Glue.
  6. Pencil.
  7. Ruler.
  8. Marker Pens.

Download Free Paper Cup Unicorn Template

unicorn craft template

Click to download free templates.

Step 1:Paper Cutout Unicorn Pattern:

unicorn crafts easy

To get started with our paper cup unicorn craft, you need to download the unicorn templates and print them out. 

Use craft paper to cut out the unicorn’s ears, mane, horn, cheeks, and flowers. Cut out the unicorn’s horn using golden craft paper or glitter paper. 

Glue the pieces of the unicorn’s ears together, draw the nostrils, and mouth with a pink sharpie, and glue the flower pedicels.

Use a black sharpie or marker pen to draw the unicorn’s eyes.

Then, glue the unicorn’s horn on the top middle part of the paper cup. 

Step 2: Unicorn Ears:

unicorn crafts for preschoolers

According to the templates fold the green area of the unicorn’s ears, and apply glue on the folded area. Glue the unicorn’s two ears on two sides of the unicorn’s horn. 

Then, glue the unicorn’s mouth beneath the eyes. 

Glue the paper cup unicorn’s two cheeks on the two sides of the mouth. 

Nad, now glue the unicorn’s fringe/bangs on the front right below the unicorn’s horn.

Step 3: Unicorn’s Mane:

unicorn craft for kindergarten

Use colorful craft papers to cut out long colorful paper strips for the paper cup unicorn’s mane. 

Use a pencil or straw to roll and twist the colorful paper strips and make them swirly. 

Similarly, make 2 sets of swirly unicorn manes three for each side. 

Apply glue on the ends of the paper strips and then glue the manes on the sides of the unicorn paper cup. You can add more than just three colors if you want to.

Step 4: Accessories: :

unicorn craft ideas easy

Take the flowers we made in step 1 and then glue the flowers on the paper cup unicorn’s head. 

Glue a few more flowers to finish making your paper cup unicorn craft.

paper cup unicorn birthday decoration

How To Use Paper Cup Unicorn Craft For Preschoolers:

This cute paper cup unicorn recycling craft is very suitable for kids birthday party decorations. Little kids love these cute magical creatures, it seems like a good idea for a unicorn-themed birthday party decor. 

You can also use this as a birthday party hat. Use a paper popcorn bucket or a larger paper cup to make this paper cup unicorn and you can wear it as a paper cup unicorn birthday hat. 

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