Easy Sewing Felt Hedgehog Plush For Kids (Free Pattern)

It is the second day of October, we are making amazing fall DIY kids crafts every day on our blog. Let’s make hand-sewn felt animals. This felt hedgehog ornament is very easy to make for kids. Make this kid’s sewing craft using a printable felt hedgehog pattern.  I am bringing you this very cute and simple sewing craft for kids. If you are a beginner, you will enjoy this easy felt sewing craft.

Easy Frlt Hedgehog Sewing Craft Pattern

Teach and inspire kids on learning sewing projects, Encourage children to uncover their creativity through easy felt sewing crafts. Make cute felt animals and more. 

If you have a felt craft kit and want to find a felt craft for beginners, you can make this felt animal with the help of felt craft patterns free. This is a felt craft idea for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Super Cute Hedgehog Sewing Felt Plush Craft:

Cute Felt Hedgehog

Learn to make 2d felt animals using felt craft sheets, thread and needle.

How To Make 2D Easy Felt Hedgehog Plush Kids Craft Step-by-Step instructions:

Tools and Materials::

  1. Colorful Felt Sheets.
  2. Felt Sewing Kit. (needle, pins, thread, measuring tape, pin cushion).
  3. Scissors.
  4. Glue.
  5. Pencil.
  6. Cotton Balls.

Download Felt Hedgehog Pattern Free:

Easy Sewing Felt Hedgehog Plush (1)

Step 1: Felt Hedgehog Pattern

Download the felt hedgehog pattern free from the link above. Use colorful felt sheets to cut out the pattern for the hedgehog.

Easy Sewing Felt Hedgehog Plush (2)

Step 2: How To Sew Felt A Hedgehog::

Use thread and needle to sew the hedgehog’s cheeks and nose. 

Do some basic backstitches or split stitches to stitch the hedgehog’s eyes and mouth.

Easy Sewing Felt Hedgehog Plush (3)

Step 3: Whip Sitch:

Place the hedgehog’s belly pattern over the hedgehog’s body, then make whip stitches around the belly to sew it together with the hedgehog’s body. Now take the back part of the hedgehog’s body and place the hedgehog’s hind legs on the bottom of the body. Then, place the front body part over the back body part of the felt hedgehog.  

Easy Sewing Felt Hedgehog Plush (4)

Step 4:Stitch The Fore legs::

Start making small blanket stitches around the hedgehog’s body to sew the front and back pieces together. 

Place the hedgehog’s fore legs in between the front and back pieces and sew the pieces together. 

Easy Sewing Felt Hedgehog Plush (5)

Step 5: Make The Hedgehog Plush:

Before you sew the second fore legs leave a little space unstitched, then take some cotton or leftover felt pieces inside the hedgehog plush. 

Easy Sewing Felt Hedgehog Plush (6)

Step 6: Sew The Spikes:

Place the second forelegs in between the front and back piece, then make blanket stitches to closer the open end.

Use cat stitches or running stitches to sew the hedgehog’s spikes with its back. 

And here you go! Your felt hedgehog plush is ready. 

How To Use Use This Felt hedgehog Plushie:

There are so many ways you can use this craft. For example, you can sew this as a felt hedgehog pincushion. This can also be a felt hedgehog Christmas decoration. This felt hedgehog can simply be a hand-sewn felt lush toy for your child.

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