Paper Bag Yak Craft for Preschoolers With Easy Template

Let’s make a fun Paper Bag Yak Puppet For Preschoolers.

Paper Bag Yak Craft for Preschoolers With Easy Template (5)

Animal crafts are always fun to make. Learn the names of different animals and make fun paper crafts with them. In today’s craft, we are making a paper bag Yak craft. Y is for Yak, yak is an interesting animal. I have gathered a few fun facts about yaks. 

10 Interesting Facts About Yak You Might Not Know

  1. Yaks have strong horns, they use their horns to break through the snow, dig out plants and also use for self-defense. 
  2. There Are 2 Different Yak Species. Yaks are domestic animals. There are some wild yaks as well. 
  3. Yaks live up to 20 years. But the domestic yaks live slightly longer lives. 
  4. Yaks can survive in very low temperatures. They can handle temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees. Yak bodies are covered with thick wooly fur. That’s why they can survive during very cold weather.
  5. Wild male yaks can reach a height of 6-1/2 feet and weigh as much as 2,200 pounds. Females are about 1/3 the size.  
  6. Yaks are herd animals. They have Each herd contains a few hundred individuals. Yak herd consists mainly of females and their young.
  7. Since yaks are very strong and they can climb mountains, and break through now, they are often used as transportation. 
  8. In Tibet, they celebrate the ‘Yak Festival’ on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Tibetan calendar. 
  9.  Yaks are very friendly animals. They are most friendly with their herders, and people they know. But you still need to be careful when you see a yak, there are very few documented aggressive behaviors. 
  10. The number of wild yaks is decreasing dramatically. People are hunting wild yaks. It is our responsibility to help these animals stay safe. The wild yak species are endangerured. 

This is all for today, now let’s get started with our Yak Paper Bag Puppet Craft. 

How To Make A Paper Bag Yak Puppet For Preschoolers:

Tools and Materials:

easy Yak Paper craft for preschoolers
  1. Craft Paper.
  2. Cardstock Paper.
  3. Brown Paper. 
  4. Pencil.
  5. Ruler.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Twine or Thread. 

Free Yak Template For Paper Bag Yak Craft

Download Yak Template Here

Step By Step Instructions For Paper Bag Yak

Step 1: Cut Out Patterns For Paper Bag Yak:

Yak Paper craft(1)

Download the attached PDF templates for the link above. Cut out the patterns from the template. Use a pencil to trace the patterns on craft papers, then carefully use scissors to cut out the yak pattern from the craft papers.

Step 2: Prepare The Ears:

Yak Paper craft (2)

Glue the pieces of the yak’s ears together. 

Then glue the fur on the top of the yak’s head. 

Step 3: Prepare The Head:

Yak Paper craft for kids (3)

Glue the two ears on the two sides of the top part of the yak’s head. 

Step 4: Mouth:

y craft for preschool craft (4)

Glue the yak’s mouth with the head. 

Step 5: Eyes:

Glue the yak’s eyes on the top part of the head. 

Step 6: Horns:

Glue the yak’s horns on the top of it’s head. 

And use a pen to draw the nose.

Step 7:  Body: 

yak craft template (6)

Glue the feet with the paper yak’s body. 

And make a brown paper bag according to the side of your hand. 

To learn how to make a paper bag check out this “How to make a brown paper bag craft” by arty crafty bee.

Step 8: Prepare The Puppet:

yak craft for preschoolers(7)

Glue the paper yak’s body on the brown paper bag. Keep the closed end of the bag on the top and glue the paper yak on the bottom. 

Step 9: Paper Bag Yak Puppet Final Step:

Yak Paper craft for preschoolers (8)

Glue the paper yak’s head on the top part of the paper bag (closed end). 

And your paper bag yak puppet is ready. 

How Can You Use This Paper Bag Yak Puppet:

Well, this paper bag yak puppet is a fun toy for kids. You can place your hand inside the paper bag and move the paper bag yak puppet and tell stories to kids. This paper bag yak puppet is a fun yak craft for preschoolers. 

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