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Easy Paper Pumpkin Craft For Kids (2 Templates)

Learn how to make easy paper pumpkin crafts for kids. Easy fall paper craft for kids.


In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a paper pumpkin craft step by step. If you are looking for fall decorations to make with your kids watch this tutorial to learn how to make an easy Halloween craft for kindergarten and preschool kids. This paper pumpkin craft does not require any expensive craft supplies. All you need is some colorful craft papers.

How To Make Haloween Decoration Craft For Kids

Craft Supplies:

  1. Orange, yellow, green, and brown craft papers.
  2. Paper glue.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.

Download Free PDF templates From The Link Below

Click Here To Download Free Template.

Click Here To Download Free Template.

This craft content has two templates. One colorful template and one black and white template. Remember, these templates are for personal use only. Thank you.

Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1: Cut Out Orange Craft Paper Strips:

Paper Pumpkin Craft For Kids 1

Cut out two 6 inches long orange craft paper strips. Then, start folding the paper strips into accordion folds. Fold both of the craft paper strips into an accordion fold. Now, glue the two ends of the accor5dion folded paper strips ends together.

Step 2: Easy Paper Pumpkin Craft:

paper Pumpkin Craft For kids 2

Now, apply glue to one end of the long strip, and then join it with the other end of the strip to make a ring shape. Hold and press the top part downwards to create a circular shape. This is the base for our paper pumpkin craft.

Step 3: How To Make Paper Pumpkin:

Paper pumpkin craft for kids 3

Cut out two circular pieces of orange craft paper. Apply glue on the round craft paper piece. Then, glue the craft paper on the middle part of the pumpkin. Glue the other round craft paper piece on the other side of the pumpkin.

Step 4: Easy Paper Pumpkin For Kids

paper Pumpkin Craft For Kids 4

Now, take a rectangular piece of brown craft paper. Roll the brown craft paper into a paper stick. Then glue the brown paper stick on the paper pumpkin craft. This is the stem for our pumpkin paper craft.

Step 5: paper Pumpkin Haloween Craft For Kids:

paper Pumpkin Halloween Kids Craft 5

From the downloaded PDF template trace and cut out leaf shapes using green craft paper. Then, use a different green shaded craft paper to cut out thin paper strips. take a toothpick or a quilling tool to roll the paper strips. Then, pull the paper strings to make a sprint shape. These are the vines for the paper pumpkin decoration.

Step 6: Paper Pumpkin Haloween Decoration Craft:

paper Pumpkin Halloween Decoration Craft 6

take the swirly green paper vines and glue the vines on two sides of the pumpkin’s stem. Then, Take the pumpkin’s leaves and glue them on the stem to finish making your Easy fall pumpkin decoration craft for kids.

paper pumpkin Halloween decoration easy kids craft

How To Use This Halloween paper Pumpkin Decoration Craft:

This very easy Halloween pumpkin craft for kids has many uses. You can use this craft to decorate your home during Halloween and fall seasons. this is Children’s Halloween decorations craft. Kids can use the templates to make easy pumpkin crafts. You can decorate the walls with this paper pumpkin fall craft. You can also attach these pumpkins on strings to make paper pumpkin garland crafts. You can paper pumpkin garland crafts to decorate your home for fall and also for Halloween parties.

Now that you can make a paper pumpkin craft for kids, make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more kids crafts. Check out the links and images below to find out more exciting paper craft for kids. Explore more Halloween crafts.

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