How To Make Easy Flower Pop Up Mother’s Day Card (1 Template)

 Learn how to make Mother’s Day card easy and beautiful.

Do you want to make something special for your mom on Mother’s Day? How about making a pop up flower card. Check out this craft for mothers day card ideas preschool. 

This simple flower card design is very easy to make. The supplies to make this pop up flower card are very easy to find.

Now check out the step by step instructions down below to learn How to make a Mother’s Day Flower Card.


  1. Card stock paper.
  2. Colorful craft paper.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Glue.

Download Free Template

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Step 1:

Select a color shade for your flower for the card. Then cut out long paper strips from the craft paper. I am using a magenta-shaded craft paper. Cut out six inches long paper strips with a width of 1-2 centimetres. Cut out 5 or 6 paper strips.

Step 2:

Take a paper strip and apply glue on both ends of the paper strip. Or you can apply glue right in the centre of the paper strip.

Step 3:

Then bring the two ends of the paper strip in the middle and press it down to glue it there. This will create two loops on two sides.

Step 4

Take more paper strips and similarly make more petals for the daisy flower card.

Step 5:

Take a petal, and then apply glue to the middle part.

Step 6:

Then, take another petal and put it over the previous petal, press down the glued area to glue the both petals together. This will create a cross.

Step 7:

Then, take another petal and similarly, glue it with the other petals.

Step 8:

Now, glue another petal to finish making the daisy flower.

Step 9:

Take your card’s cover paper and also the card paper according to the size of your flower. Glue the card’s cover with the white card paper.

Step 10:

Use the PDF template to cut out the stem for your flower using green craft paper. Then, glue the flower’s stem on the card vertically right in the middle.

Step 11:

Take the daisy flower, and then glue the flower right on top of the green stem.

Step 12:

Cut out the pedicel for the daisy, and use a yellow-colored craft paper for this. Glue the flower’s pedicel on the centre of the flower.

Step 13:

Use the PDF template again, to cut out the vase for the flower card.

Then, follow the green lines on the vase, and according to the lines fold the paper.

Use a marker pen to write “MOM” on the vase.

Step 14:

Apply glue on the vase, then glue the vase on the bottom part of the card over the stem.

Step 15:

Cut out the leaves for the daisy and glue them on the flower’s stem.

Mother's Day Card

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How To Use This Mother’s Day Card Craft

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day to spend with your loved ones. Do you love handmade gift cards? If you would like to make a pretty handmade Mother’s Day Card for your mother this mother’s day, this card is perfect for you. It comes with free templates that can help you make this card very easily. Also, visit our website for more crafts and also some more exciting pop-up cards. Learn to make flower card messages with easy templates. Send you a mother’s day card message with lovely handmade cards.

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