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How To Make Easy 3D Tulip Pop Up Card

Learn to make a Tulip Pop Up Card for Valentine’s Day in 30 minutes.

Tulip Pop Up Card Ideas

Can you ever get enough of Pop Up card ideas? If you are looking for how to make pop up cards you came to the right place. This Tulip Pop Up card Idea is perfect for any occasion.

Since it is almost Valentine’s Day and if you want to gift your loved ones with a cute handmade Valentine’s Day Pop Up Card, then please check out this content.  Download the free pop up card template to make your tulip pop up card for this Valentine’s day. This DIY Pop Up card is very easy to make and the supplies are affordable as well. So without further ado let’s get started.

How To Make 3D Tulip Pop Up Card

Tulip Pop Up Card Supplies:

  • Cardstock Papers.
  • Colourful Craft Papers.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • GLue.
Tulip Flower Pop Up Card Craft Supplies

Download Free Templates

Colorful Tulip Template.

Black And White Tulip Template.

Card Template.


Follow these step by step processes to learn to make this Tulip Pop Up card Craft For Valentine’s Day.

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft (1)

Step 1:

Download and print out all the templates attached above.

Use the template “Tulip Flower Pop Up Card Template.pdf” to cut out the tulips, stems, and bushes for your card.

You can use the black and white templates to cut out the flowers and bushes from your choice of craft papers.

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft (2)

Step 2:

Now take the stems and glue them on the bushes.

Glue three stems in each bush leaving a little gap in between the stems. 

Allow the glue to dry.

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft (3)

Step 3:

Once the stems are glued down with the bushes take the tulips and glue them over the stems.

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft (4)

Step 4:

Take an A4 sides cardstock paper and fold it in half to make a crease on the centre. You can trim to make the width thinner or you can use the whole A4 sized cardstock paper to make your pop up card craft.

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft (5)

Step 5:

Fold the card in half. Then use the help of “Card Template.pdf” to draw the lines on the closed end of the card.

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft (6)

Step 6:

Cut along the red vertical lines on the template and fold along the green horizontal lines.

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft (7)

Step 7:

Now use your finger to push the pop up card socket inwards the card.

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft (8)

Step 8:

Then, again use the “card template” to draw the next vertical lines. Remember that, these second sockets need to be slightly smaller than the first socket.

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft (9)

Step 9:

 And fold along the green horizontal lines.

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft (10)

Step 10:

Repeat the same method on the socket on the other side of the card.

Step 11:

Carefully press the sockets inwards the card.

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft (12)

Step 12:

When you open up your card you will have these three-step pop-up sockets.

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft (13)

Step 13:

Now take the tulip flower bushes and start glueing them on your pop up card.

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft (14)

Step 14:

Glue all the tulip bushes on the pop-up sockets to finish your craft.

How To Use This Craft:

This Tulip Pop Up Card Idea is useful for so many occasions.

You can use it as Valentine’s day pop up card, Mother’s Day Pop Up Card, Father’s day Pop Up Card and so much more.

You can write a happy birthday quote on the pop up card’s cover to use it as a happy birthday pop up card. 

Since this DIY pop up card is so easy to make this pop up card idea will become very handy when you need to send someone a handmade card. 

Tulip Pop Up Card Craft

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