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DIY Easy Fall Garland Paper Craft (+2 Templates)

Learn to make an Easy Fall Garland Paper Decoration craft for your home.

This Fall leaf garland craft for kids is super easy to make. This fall garland is easy and inexpensive to make. Make autumn leaf garland

Are you looking for DIY ideas to make paper fall Garland backdrops for you home? This DIY Fall Paper Leaf Garland comes with various fall leaf patterns and it is very colorful. If you want to decorate your home with a fall theme and fall vibes decorations please check out this DOY fall garland craft below.

We have easy step by step instructions with images on How To Make A Fall Garland Craft at home. make this vibrant fall leaf garland craft at home using only craft paper. This is a very easy fall garland mantle you can make with your kids. The Templates are free to download and it is a very suitable fall garland craft for kids to make this November.

How To Make An Easy Fall Garland For Kids

Supplies You Need For This Craft:

  1. Colorful Craft paper and cardstock papers.
  2. Strings, threads or twine.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Pencil.
  5. Ruler.
  6. Glue.
  7. Sticky tapes.

Download The PDF Templates From This Link:

Click To Download Templates.

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Easy Fall garland How To make

Step 1: How To Make A Fall Garland

Download the PDF templates from the link above. Then select your fall-themed colorful craft paper or cardstock paper to make your easy fall garland. Cut out the fall leaf, maple leaf, mushroom and acorn using the colorful craft papers.

How To make Fall garland

Step 2: Make An easy Fall Garland Craft

Now, cutout the mushroom’s spots and gills using craft papers. Glue both parts of the mushroom’s cap together, then glue the mushroom’s cutout spots on the cap.

How To make Fall garland

Step 3: Fall garland Decoration:

To finish making your paper mushroom craft you need to glue the mushroom’s stem with its cap.

How To Make fall garland

Step 4: Easy Fall garland Process

Join the top and the bottom parts of the acorn together using glue.

How To Make An Easy Fall garland

Step 5: Fall Garland Paper Craft

Use a brown marker pen or sharpies to draw the acorn’s pattern on its cap and draw an outline around the acorn using the marker pen.

How To make Fall garland

Step 6: Fall Leaf Garland Craft

use orange, yellow and red marker pens to draw the veins on the cutout fall leaves.

How To make Fall garland

Step 7: Fall Garland Craft

Cut out a long thread, twine oe string to attach the fall decorations we made on the previous steps.

How To Make Easy Fall garland

Step 8: Fall Garland Dexoration

Cut out sticky tapes. Then join the paper maple leaf pattern with the string using the sticky tape on the backside of the maple leaf.

How To Make Fall Garland papercraft For kids

Step 9: Fall Garland Dexoration

Join all fall paper cutout decorations with the string using sticky tapes.

How To make Fall garland Craft

Step 10: Fall Garland Dexoration

Turn the right side of the garland, and make a few more sets to make you Easy Fall Garland Craft.

DIY Fall Garland Decoration

How To Use This Fall Garland Decoration Craft For Kids

Do you want to decorate your home with fall decorations? If you are struggling to find ideas and ways to make fall decorations you can use this craft.

This colorful and vibrant fall garland will bring a very warm fall vibe to your home. Yoy can use this garland as a backdrop for your videos and photoshoots. If you are a blogger these fall decoration will brighten up your projects and add some fall vibes to your content. If you are having a thanksgiving dinner at your home and you want to set a fall theme you can hang these decorations near the fireplace, windows or walls.

If you want to make a fall garland mantle you can use these patterns of fall leaf, acorn and mushrooms to make the mantle.

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DIY fall paper leaf garland.

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