Father’s Day Shirt Card Craft: A Fun and Meaningful Idea

Are you looking for a Father’s Day shirt card idea? 

Father's Day Shirt Card printable

You will find plenty of Father’s Day shirt card ideas on the internet, I felt very excluded seeing that my blog didn’t have any Father’s Day Shirt cards. After doing some scrolling and brainstorming ideas I came up with this super super easy Father’s Day shirt card that will melt your dad’s heart. 

Wherever you are if you are celebrating Father’s Day and want to give your dad a handmade gift this shirt card idea can be very helpful for you. 

This unique card resembles shirts and can be customized with different designs, colors, and messages. By making a DIY shirt card, you can add a personal touch and showcase your creativity while celebrating Father’s Day.

List Of Supplies:

1.    Craft Papers.

2. Cardstock Paper. 

3.    Pencil.

4.    Ruler.

5.    Scissors.

6.    Glue.

7. Paint.

8. Cotton Bud. 

Download Father’s Day shirt card template free

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How To Make A Father’s Day Card Instructions:

Step 1: Prepare The Card Paper:

father's day shirt card design

Select a color for your card. And cut out a rectangular cardstock paper to make your card. 

Cut 2x longer in length from your preferred width of the card. 

Fold the card in half. Keep one half of your card 2-3 centimeters (or more depending on your card’s size) taller than the other half. Use the help of the PDF template for your craft. 

Draw two horizontal lines on the longer part of the right-hand side part of the card (according to the template). 

Step 2: Cut The Collar For The Shirt:

 Father's day shirt card ideas

Cut along the horizontal lines to get started with making your Father’s Day shirt card. 

Fold the cut-out parts inwards to make the collar. 

Bring the two upper points together to make the shirt’s collar. 

Step 3: How To Make a Paper Bow

fathers day card ideas for toddlers
 fathers day card easy
 fathers day card ideas for preschool

To make the bow tie, take a blue-colored rectangular craft paper. 

Fold it in half vertically.

Then, fold it in half horizontally. 

Draw a curved line on the piece.

Cut along the line, do not cut the closed end. 

Open the fold. 

Step 4: Make The Paper Bow Tie:

how to make a paper bow

Apply glue on the center. 

Bring the right side inwards and glue it in the middle. 

Similarly, bring the left side and glue it in the middle. 

Take a paper strip. 

Wrap the strip around the center of the bow and glue it there. 

Cut off the excess. 

Step 5: Decorate The Shirt Card

Father's day shirt card free

Glue the bow with the paper shirt card’s collar. 

Use a cotton bud and white paint, and paint dots on the card. 

Then, add your message inside the card to finish making your Father’s Day shirt card. 

Personalization Ideas

Father's day shirt card template free

To make your Father’s Day shirt card craft even more special, consider personalizing it further. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use your dad’s favorite colors or patterns white selecting the card colors. 
  • Attach a photo of you and your dad of a special memory you have shared. 
  • Write a wholehearted poem or quote that holds significance for your relationship.
  • Include inside jokes or references that only your dad will understand and appreciate.
  • Attach a small gift, such as a gift card or a handwritten coupon for a special activity or favor.

Tips and Tricks For Making A Father’s Day Shirt Card:

Choose high-quality materials to ensure the durability of the card.

Take your time and pay attention to detail while cutting, gluing, and decorating.

Experiment with different colors, patterns, and textures to make the card visually appealing.

Father’s Day is a very special day to celebrate our fathers. You don’t only need 14th June to celebrate Father’s Day. If it is your dad’s birthday or any other special occasion you can make this lovely card for him. To show your love and gratefulness towards the man who raised you with love and kindness you can make him a handmade card that holds a very special place in your heart. 

Do you like this idea? Check out this fun shirt card by Mombrite.

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads. 

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