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How To Draw A Leprechaun Cartoon Step By Step

I drew this cute leprechaun just using some easy shapes. This Leprechaun drawing tutorial is so easy that even a kindergarten kid can draw it. All you need is to know your shapes and have the listed materials.

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How To Draw A Leprechaun Cartoon

cartoon leprechaun drawing step by step

What is a leprechaun exactly? I am sure you kids have seen leprechauns in cartoons and heard about them in stories. If you don't know what leprechauns are please read the fun facts about leprechauns from down below.

5 Facts About Leprechauns:

  1. A leprechaun is a type of fairy from Irish folklore, similar to a gnome or an elf. They are small fairy folklore creatures about two feet tall resembling elves.
  2. The Leprechaun is one of the most popular and beloved good luck symbols around the world.
  3. Catching a leprechaun will grant you three wishes But it is very difficult to catch a leprechaun because they are very sneaky.
  4. Both Saint Patrick's Day and leprechauns originated from Ireland.
  5. According to legend, spotting a leprechaun is a sign of good luck.

In today's tutorial, we will teach your kids how to draw cute easy leprechaun step by step. If you have a school project coming up or you want to make something fun for this year's Saint Patrick's Day you can draw this Leprechaun cartoon from this tutorial.

With this tutorial I will also attach a Printable Leprechaun Puppet you can cut out and glue together.

    Prep Time 10 minutes
    Active Time 20 minutes
    Additional Time 5 minutes
    Total Time 5 minutes
    Difficulty Medium


    • Sketch Book/ Drawing book.
    • Drawing Pencils (HB,2B).
    • Colorful Pencils.
    • Colorful Markers.
    • Black Gel Pen (Optional).


    • Eraser.
    • Sharpener.
    • Ruler.


    1. 1 leprechaun cartoon drawing To start drawing the leprechaun, draw the circular shape. This is will determine the size of t your leprechaun’s head. 
    2. Draw an extended horizontal line across the circle, draw this line slightly above the center of the circle. 
    3. Erase the part of the circle over the horizontal line. 
    4. Draw a thin rectangle shape with a horizontal line. 
    5. Draw a slightly smaller square shape above the rectangular shape.
    6. 2 leprechaun cartoon drawing for kidsDraw another horizontal line inside the square shape. 
    7. Draw two small rectangles inside the thin rectangle shape inside the hat. 
    8. To draw the leprechaun's body, draw a trapezoid shape below the leprechaun’s head. 
    9. Draw the squiggly “U: shaped beard on the bottom part of the face. 
    10. Erase the top line from the trapezoid.
    11. 3 leprechaun cartoon imagesDraw two angled rectangular shapes on the two sides of the trapezoid. 
    12. Then, draw two straight rectangular shapes on the bottom of the trapezoid. 
    13. Draw two circular-shaped hands on the leprechaun. 
    14. Draw the leprechaun’s shoes, you can use oval shapes to draw the shoes. 
    15. Draw two vertical lines in the middle of the leprechaun’s body (the trapezoid shape). 
    16. 4 how to draw a leprechaun cartoonDraw the leprechaun’s eyebrows.
    17. Draw two circular shapes eyes below the eyebrows.
    18. Draw small circular-shaped pupils inside the eyes. 
    19. Fill in the pupils and draw the “U: shapes nose. 
    20. Draw a smiley face.
    21. 5 cartoon leprechaun drawing step by stepDraw two rectangular shapes inside the two vertical lines as you did in step “7”.
    22. Draw a “J” shaped cane on one of the hands.
    23. 6 saint Patrick's day coloring ideas for kidsUse a green color pencil to color the leprechaun’s hat, coat, and pants. 
    24. Use a light green color to color the middle part of the suit. 
    25. Use a brown color to fill in the shoes, cane, and hat belt. 
    26. Use an orange shade of two colors the eyebrows and the beard. 
    27. 7 irish saint Patrick's day drawing ideasUse yellow color to color the belt buckles. 
    28. Use a beige shade to fill in the face and hands. 
    29. Use a thin black gel pen to outline all the features to finish your drawing.

    Printable Leprechaun Puppet Craft For Kids

    Download Printable Templates:

    Click To Download The Printable Template.

    Click To Download The Printable Template 2.


    1. Printer.
    2. Scissors.
    3. Ruler.
    4. Pencil.
    5. Glue.
    6. Colorful craft Papers.


    Step 1: Print Out The Template:

    Paper Cut Out Leprechaun Printable Puppet Saint Patricks Day Printable (4)

    use a color printer to print out the A4-sized printable templates.

    If you want to use your own colors, you can use the black and white template and colorful craft papers to cut out the pieces to make your puppet.

    Step 2: Glue The Shirt:

    Paper Cut Out Leprechaun Printable Puppet Saint Patricks Day Printable (1)

    Glue the light green rectangular shape vertically over the green coat.

    Step 3: Glue The Hand and Shoes:

    Paper Cut Out Leprechaun Printable Puppet Saint Patricks Day Printable (2)

    Glue the two hands with the green sleeves and also glue the two brown shoes with the pants.

    Glue the beard on the bottom part of the circular face.

    Step 4: Make The Hat:

    Paper Cut Out Leprechaun Printable Puppet Saint Patricks Day Printable (3)

    Glue the hat’s belt on the hat.

    Glue the belt and the belt buckle in the middle of the coat, then. glue the pants with the coat.

    Glue the sleeves on the top side of the coat.

    Glue the eyes, and eyebrows on the face.

    use a black pen to draw the nose and mouth.

    Step 5: Join Everything Together:

    Paper Cut Out Leprechaun Printable Puppet Saint Patricks Day Printable (5)

    Join the hat over the head.

    Glue the head with the top part of the coat.

    Then, glue the cane on one hand of the puppet to finish your leprechaun puppet.

    How To Use This Leprechaun Cartoon Drawing:

    Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday celebrated throughout the world. I can share tons of crafts you can make for Saint Patrick’s Day, but have you thought of drawing something as well? You can make this as a Saint Patrick’s Day Greeting card for your loved ones.

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