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Fun Crab Craft Beach Activities For Kids (+2 Printables)

Crabs are really interesting animals. Today I have this very fun crab craft for you. This crab craft comes with easy printable templates and step by step instructions. If you are bored at home, or if the heat is too exhausting out and you want to do some indoor activities this summer with your kids you can definitely try this fun crab craft.

crab craft with dree templates

Check out the interesting facts about crabs at the end of the tutorial. So without further adue let’s get started with the paper crab craft.

How To Make paper Crab Craft

List Of Supplies and Materials:

1.    Cardstock paper.

2.    Craft papers.

3.    Pencil.

4.    Ruler.

5.    Scissors.

6.    Glue.

7.    Marker pens.

8.    Googly Eyes.

Download Printable Crab Templates

Click Here To Download Crab and Background Template. 

Paper Crab Craft Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1: How To Make A Paper Crab

From the link above download the PDF templates and gather the listed supplies. First, use a pair of scissors to carefully cut out the pieces from the templates. Then, place the cut out templates over your desired craft papers and trace the shapes on the craft paper using pencil. Now, cut out the pieces from the craft paper. use two different shades of red shaded craft papers or carstock papers for the crab’s body, shell and claws.

Glue the paper crab’s bottom shell with the crab;s body. . Glue the crab’s claws on two sides of the crab’s body.

Select a red marker pen which is slightly darker than your red craft papers. Use the marker pen to draw outlines on the crabs paper pieces.

Take two googly eyes according to the size of the crab’s eye sockets and glue the eyes on the crab.

Step 2: Finish Making The Paper Crab

Glue the crab’s mouth above the crab’s bottom shell.

Use a black marker pen to draw a smile line around the crab’s mouth. Then, take a red marker pen draw two circular cheeks and some freckles on both sides of the paper crab craft\s face.

Step 3: Background Decoration:

07 summer craft for preschoolers

Use the second PDF template to cut out the back ground and decoration to make your beach crab craft. Cut out the sand and sky using carstock paper, nd use colorful craft papers to cut out rest of the decoration pieces (trees, sea shells and star fishes).

Step 4:

Glue carstock sand and sky with each other by slightly overlapping them.

Glue the coconut tree’s leaves and trunks together.

Glue the two coconut trees on the two ends of the background. Then, glue the paper sun on the middle part of the sky.

Glue the paper crab craft on the middle of the sand in between the two paper coconut trees.

And you paper crab craft is ready.

crab craft with paper

Before we end our today’s crab craft, would you kids like to know a few fun facts about crabs? i have searched the internet and gathered some fun facts about crabs for you guys. Read the facts and let me know your thought. If you know more facts about crabs please share them in the comment box below. I have added the facts and the sources.

5 Fun Facts About Crabs For Kids:

  1. There are more than 4,500 species of crabs. Which means there are more than 4500 types of crabs and colorful ones as well.
  2. A group of crabs is called a cast.
  3. Although crabs can walk in any direction, funnily they mostly walk sideways.
  4. Some crabs can live in the land and also in the water.
  5. The largest crab in the world is the giant Japanese Spider Crab, which can measure up to 13 feet across. And the world’s smallest crabs are pea crabs which grow to be .4 to .6 inches in diameter.

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Thank you for staying with us. We hope that you enoyed this craft. Hope to see you on our next post.

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