Paper Plate Unicorn Craft Easy

If you want to make an easy paper plate unicorn craft, look no further I have just the right Paper plate unicorn craft project for you. 

Unicorns are magical and mystical creatures. There are plenty kids’ cartoons and storybooks about unicorns. Parents often make unicorn birthday themes for kids as well. Since unicorns are very popular you will see various kinds of unicorn crafts online. If you are inspired to have a unicorn-themed party this paper plate unicorn craft can come in handy for you. 

Paper Plate Unicorn Craft For kids

In today’s paper plate unicorn craft tutorial, we will show you how to make this elegant unicorn out of ordinary paper plates. 

Most paper plate crafts include painting and colors, which can be a mess, but if you want to try out something a little bit less messy you can make this paper plate unicorn craft.


  • Paper Plate.
  • Colorful Craft Papers.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Marker Pens.
Easy unicorn paper craft for kids with free templates

Click to Download Paper Plate Unicorn Template 

I’ve made this paper. plate unicorn with only using colorful craft papers. Once you have downloaded your PDF templates from the link above, go ahead and print out the templates on A4-sized papers. I keep all my templates in A4 size so anyone can easily print them out. 

Paper Plate Unicorn Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1: Cut Out Unicorn Pattern

paper plate unicorn

The easiest way to cut out the patterns from the templates is to use carbon paper and trace the patterns on the colorful craft papers. Then use a pair of scissors to carefully cut out the patterns. 

You can also download the colorful templates to avoid using colorful craft papers. 

Glue the small ear patterns inside the larger ear patterns.

Glue the parts of the unicorn’s fringe together.

Use a yellow marker pen to draw the details on the unicorn’s horn.

Step 2: Decorate The Unicorn Face

paper plate unicorn craft

Measure the circumference of your paper plate, and cut out a half circular pink craft paper according to the measurement.

Glue two circular cheeks of the unicorn on the two ends of the pink craft paper.

Cut out a white circular craft paper according to the size of your paper plate.

Glue the unicorn’s mouth on the white circular craft paper.

Use a black marker pen to draw the unicorn’s eyes.

Glue the unicorn’s horn on top of the paper plate.

Glue the unicorn’s fringe on the front over the horn.

Step 3: Make The Flowers

easy paper plate unicorn

Cut out the petals to make the flower.

Make a vertical slit on the bottom side of the petal.

Apply glue on one part of the slit and overlap the parts.

Glue two petals face to face on the base.

Then, glue the other two petals.

Start rolling the spiral paper piece to make the rose.

Glue the rose in the middle of the petals.

Similarly, make two more flowers.

Glue the flowers on the unicorn’s head over the hair.

Step 4: Final Step:

paper plate unicorn template

Glue the unicorn’s ears on the two sides of its head. 

How To Use This Unicorn Paper Craft 

This paper plate unicorn craft is a fascinating craft activity for any unicorn-themed party. Whether it’s a baby shower or a birthday party, you can decorate this unicorn craft. You can use this unicorn craft to keep kids busy with arts and crafts at a party. Other than a party this unicorn craft can also be used as a decorative for your home. To make a paper plate unicorn dream catcher, visit this Easy Dreamcatcher Craft Ideas, mix and match these to crafts to make an extraordinary dreamcatcher for your home decoration. 

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