How To Make DIY Flower Crown Simply Beautiful

In today’s tutorial, we will be making a DIY Flower crown. This can be used as a DIY flower crown headband. Flower crowns are so elegant and evergreen. 

Ever since I was a kid, I used to pick up flowers from my grandmother’s garden and she used to help me make bracelets and necklaces. I didn’t make any flower crowns as a kid, but remembering all those memories I thought why not make a crown? Back then we used to pick up small night peering jasmines on winter mornings while they were still fresh, sometimes they had a little bit of mud on them but it wasn’t an issue.

diy flower crown headband

How can you make a cheap DIY flower crown at home? Sure flowers are expensive but you can use a few large flowers to make a flower crown at home using all the things you have available. 

DIY Flower Crown Materials

To prepare your DIY flower crown kit you will need these listed supplies. 

diy flower crown kit

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  1. Solid Sterling Silver Round Wire/Jewelry Making Wire
  2. Flower Tape.
  3. Clear Duct Tape.
  4. Flowers. 
  5. Scissors. 
  6. Mini Long Nose Plier with Spring

DIY Flower Frown Tutorial Step-by-Step Instructions 

Once you have gathered all the neede materials and tools you can get started with your flower tiara craft. Remember to use fresh flowers to make your crown look more vibrant and elegant. 

Step 1:

 diy flower crown

Cut out a wire according to the circumference/diameter of your head. Use a round object to give the wire a round shape. 

Step 2:

 diy flower crown headband

Wrap the ends of the cutout wire using duct tape. 

Step 3:

Take your first flower and place the flower over the wire base. 

Step 4:

5diy flower crown real flowers

Use clear duct tape to tie the flower with the wire base. 

Step 5:

 diy flower crown fake flowers

Take flower tape and start wrapping the flower stem around the wire base. 

Step 6:

7cheap diy flower crown

Once you are finish wrapping the stem with the wire base cut the end of the flower tape and tie a knot. 

Step 7:

8diy flower crown wedding

Take a second flower. Place it on the wire base and take flower tape and start wrapping the stem with the wire base. 

Step 8:

 diy flower crown tutorial

Similarly, take the third flower and wrap the flower stem using the flower tape around the wire base of the flower crown. 

Step 9:

how to make a flower crown

If you are using two types of flower you can follow this sequence, I’m using one large flower in the centre and two smaller flowers on two sides. 

Step 10:

wedding flower crown

Once you have all the flower stems wrapped around the wire base go ahead and tie the ends of the flower crown. If there is some wire base still showing just wrap it with flower tape. 

How to Use This Flower Crown:

diy flower crown tumblr

Are you looking for DIY flower crown wedding accessories? I think this beautiful and super easy DIY flower crown real flowers is a great addition to bridal showers and even birthday parties. If you are having a fairy-themed birthday party or a fairy-themed wedding you can make a beautiful flower crown with real flowers to add that magical touch to make everything look perfect.  Here is another party craft you might also like Paper Plate Unicorn Craft Easy.

Tips and tricks to make a flower crown:

  • To get a perfectly round shape with the wire base you can always use a large ball, such as a football or basketball. You can also use large containers or jars that are round. 
  • To avoid using wires you can use a ring made of foil paper. 
  • Using ducktape is optimal, if you text your skills you can use flower tape instead of ducktape. 
  • If you want to make a DIY flower crown without wires you can join the long stems of flowers using flower tapes. 
  • If you want to make a flower crown filled with flowers, you can follow this exact tutorial just keep adding flowers until you have the whole base covered. 
  • If you are using artificial flowers you can follow this tutorial to make your DIY flower crown. 

If you want to see a DIY flower crown with fake flowers please stay tuned for our next tutorial. Check out a similar craft: DIY Rose Flower Crown Craft Tutorial  

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