Father’s Day Pop-Up Card – Cute Dad Puns Card 

But I’ve managed to put a few things together and make this adorable Watermelon Father’s Day Pop-Up Card with a very funny dad pun.

dad you're one in a melon

Hello, my craft enthusiast kiddos. Are you excited for Father’s Day? I sure am excited for Father’s Day as always. It’s a very important day to celebrate our dads and appreciate them for all the hard work they go through to raise us. 

Sometimes I feel like Father’s Day isn’t as hyped as Mother’s Day. In our Arty Crafty Bee family, we have made many beautiful Mother’s Day Pop up cards. But it has come to my attention that we don’t have a Father’s Day Pop-up card! So I started searching for ideas immediately. You will find unique Father’s Day Pop-up card ideas on the internet. It was very difficult for me to come up with an easy Father’s Day Pop-up card craft that wasn’t already out there. 

Dad puns are the funniest without a doubt. If you and your dad have funny inside jokes and puns you can also add that to the card. 

The inspiration for this “One In A Melon – Father’s Day Pop-Up Card” originally came from Tiny Bee Cards. This website has plenty more fun cards and stickers you can explore. 

To make this Father’s Day Pop-up card I have used very easy-to-find and affordable craft supplies. I kept the cut-out melon patterns as easy as I can be so that kids have no hard time while making this Father’s Day card craft. 

I thought that .since Father’s Day is on June 18th that’s the beginning of summer time and what is more refreshing than watermelons in the summer? If you have a cool dad and you want to express your feelings about how cool he is this watermelon Father’s Day pun card is a great choice for you.

Father’s Day Card – Dad You’re One In A Melon

List of supplies:

  1. Cardstock paper. 
  2. Colorful construction papers or craft papers.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Glue. 
  7. Colorful Sharpies. 

Download The Father’s Day Pop-Up Card Templates:

Click To Download Free Templates.

How To Make Father’s Day Pop-Up Card Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step One: Prepare The Paper Watermelon:

Father's day pop up card craft easy

First, let’s make our watermelon. 

Click the link above to download the PDF templates to make the watermelons. 

First, you need to cut out the patterns from the printed templates. 

Then place the templates over colorful papers to cut out the parts for the melon. 

First glue the light green part over the curved area of the pink pattern. 

Then glue the deeper green curvey pattern over the light green pattern. 

Glue the seeds on the paper watermelon.

Step Two: Make The Paper Watermelon Craft:

Father's day pop up card craft with paper

Glue the two eyes on the upper part of the watermelon slice. 

Use a black marker pen to draw the mouth and a pink marker pen to draw the cheeks. 

Then use a green marker pen to draw spots on the deep green part of the watermelon. 

Glue the two hands on the two sides of the watermelon. Follow the same technique to make a smaller watermelon slice. 

Step 3: Prepare The Pop Up Card:

 Father's day pop up card craft template

To make your paper card select your cardstock paper. The cardstock paper’s longer height should be 2.5x the size of your large melon, and the shorter width should be half of the longer height. And if you are using our templates you won’t need to measure. 

Fold the card in half. 

Draw two vertical lines on the closed end of the card. Make sure both lines have an equal distance from the edges of the card. 

Cut along the two vertical lines. Remember the deeper you make the cuts the larger your pop-up card pop socket will be. 

Step 4: Make The Pop Up Card:

 how to make a father's day pop up card

Fold the slit part horizontally. 

Open the fold of the card. 

Then, bring the pop-up card pop socket inwards. 

Keep your card standing. 

Fina; Step: Your Card Is Ready:

dad puns father's day craft

Then, glue the watermelons on the card. 

Did you like making this craft? If you enjoyed making this DIY pop-up card craft please share you thoughts with us, and if you give this a try make sure to share a picture with us.

father's day craft for kids father's day pop-up card

To personalize this Father’s Day Pop-Up card write the “Dad you’re one in a melon” with colorful Sharpies on another piece of nicely cut-out paper, then, glue the paper on the pop-up card. This card is not only suitable for Father’s Day but you can make it for your dad’s birthday as well.

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