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How To Make 3D Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft For Kids Easy

During early spring bees start collecting honey. Spring is a beautiful season, especially for insects and animals. So let’s make a bee craft for kids to learn more about bees. Paper bee crafts are easy to make if you have the right materials. 

honey bee paper craft

If you are an arts and crafts teacher and want a bee craft kindergarten project for your kids I think you and your students will enjoy this paper bee craft. 3D bee crafts are not always easy to make for kids, but I made this paper bee craft using very simple patterns that kids can easily make. There are plenty of bee craft ideas on the web, but I just realized that even though my blog is called the Arty Crafty Bee I don’t have any bee crafts. 

Learn To Make Paper Bee With Toilet Paper Roll

Arts and crafts for kids can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. You can find projects that are both educational and fun. This tissue paper roll bee craft is so easy that with your help even a toddler can make this craft. The purpose of this fun bee craft is to get in touch with your kid’s creative sides. If you are having a boring day and it is too cold outside you can always visit our arty crafty bee website and explore all the fun crafts we have for the kids.

Download Templates For Toilet Paper Roll Bee 

Click To Download Paper Bee Template

List Of Supplies and Materials 

  1. Toilet Paper Roll/Tissue Paper Roll.
  2. Colorful Craft Papers. 
  3. Colorful Pipe Cleaner. 
  4. Pencil.
  5. Ruler.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Glue.
  8. Colorful Marker Pens. 

How To Make 3D Bee Paper Craft Step by Step Instructions:

To make this cute bee craft for toddlers please click the link below “Download Template” and get your free bee craft template. Look around your home or your classroom to find your needed supplies to make this honey bee paper craft. 

Step 1: Cutting Out The Bee Pattern

3d bee paper craft (1)

Use the help of templates and tools to cut out your bee papercraft patterns. Measure your toilet paper roll to cut out the base paper using yellow craft paper. 

Step 2: Glue The Black Strips

bee craft for toddlers (2)

Glue the black stripes horizontally on the rectangular yellow craft paper. Leave about 3 centimeters gap on the top. 

Step 3: Glue The Eyes

paper bee craft with toilet paper roll (3)

Use a black colored marker to fill in the eyes. 

Glue the eyes on the top middle part of the yellow craft paper. 

Step 4: Glue The Blush 

bee craft kindergarten (4)

Glue the pink circular cheek blushes below the eyes. Use a black market pen to draw a smiley between the two cheeks. 

Step 5: Glue the Base 

Take your tissue paper roll and paper bee craft base. 

Glue the yellow paper bee base around your tissue paper roll to cover the roll. 

Step 6: Glue The Antennas

Toilet paper roll bee craft for kids (7)

Glue the black swirly paper antennas on the top part of the toilet paper roll right above the eyes. 

Step 7: Prepare The Wings 

paper bee craft template (8)

Take a two-sided sticky tape and stick it on the middle part of the paper bee’s wings. 

Step 8: Glue The Wings

Tissue paper roll bee craft ideas(9)

Finally, glue the paper bee’s wings on the back of the tissue paper roll base to finish your paper bee craft. 

5 Fascinating Facts About Bees

  1. Like butterflies, honey bees are also essential to grow fruits and vegetables. They pollinate for fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Bees get all of their food and nutrients from flowers
  2. Only female honey bees can sting. The male honey bees don’t sting.
  3. The Queen bee is the biggest bee in her hive. She can lay over 2000 eggs per day.
  4. A bee makes only 1 teaspoon of honey during its entire lifespan.
  5. Bees have 2 large eyes and 3 small eyes.

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