How To Make Paper Cone Christmas Tree Easy (+2 Templates)

You can always have ideas for Christmas decorations. Today I have this DIY paper cone Christmas tree. Learn to make a paper cone Christmas tree using easy and affordable craft supplies. This paper cone Christmas tree craft is very easy to make, and children can easily make this using the supplies you have laying around the house.  

Paper Cone Christmas Tree Holiday Decoration Craft

You can also make a paper plate cone Christmas tree using these templates and techniques. 

Halloween is over and it seems like it’s time to get a Christmas tree. If you like to think ahead and want to prepare some Christmas decorations for your home with your kids, you can make this fun Christmas tree paper craft. I love fun and colorful decoration for Christmas, I think it enlightens the mood and vibe. If you are planning to throw a Christmas party this year, and need some decorations for the table or shelf, but you also don’t want to spend too much money on it, I think this craft for Christmas is perfect for you. 

I get so excited whenever I am making Christmas crafts. There are so many ideas for paper crafts for Christmas I’ve made most of my crafts with free printable templates. In today’s craft, I have two different-sized templates for you. Though to make this paper cone Christmas tree craft you actually don’t need a printable template. It’s quite easy if you have a ruler and compass. Even if you don’t have a compass you can always use a paper plate or any kind of round object. 

How To Make A Paper Christmas Tree Kids Craft For Christmas Holiday

Tools And Supplies (Sponsored)

  1. Scola Vivid Paper Stack
  2. Surfacez Cardstock Sheets
  3.  Noris HB Pencils
  4. 12 inch 30cm Shatter Resistant Ruler
  5. Sharp Craft Scissors for Adults 
  6. 2 Hole Punch, 12 Sheet Capacity
  7. Craft Glue Set Non-Toxic

Download Printable PDF Templates For Cone Christmas Tree

Download Template Here

Step By Step Instructions For Paper Cone Christmas Tree

Step 1: Cut Out A Round Paper.

paper cone Christmas tree (1)

Select a green shade of craft paper for your paper cone Christmas tree, and cut out a round piece of green craft paper.

Step 2: Cut Along The Radius

paper cone christmas tree craft (2)

Use the paper cone Christmas tree template to cut the radius of the circular green craft paper. 

Step 3: How To Make Paper Cone:

paper cone christmas tree template (3)

Take the two ends and overlap and roll the piece for making paper cone Christmas trees.

Step 4: Paper Cone

paper cone xmas tree (4)

Roll the cone into whatever thickness you need, then, apply glue on the ends to secure the cone. 

Step 5: Paper Strips

Take a yellow shaded craft paper, and according to the paper cone Christmas tree craft template cut out yellow paper strips. 

Step 6:Glue The Strips:

making paper cone christmas trees (7)

Glue the yellow paper strips around the paper cone Christmas tree base.

Step 7: Punched Paper

make a paper cone christmas tree (8)

Use a paper punch machine to cut out colorful shades of circular craft paper to decorate the paper cone Christmas tree. 

Step 8:Colorful Decoration:

how to make a big paper cone christmas tree (9)

Start gluing the colorful punched papers on the paper cone Christmas tree. 

Step 9: Finish The Decoration:

how to make paper cone christmas tree (10)

Glue the colorful punched paper all around the paper cone Christmas tree. 

Step 10: Christmas Tree Star

Paper Cone Christmas Tree Paper Star Craft

Cut out the small paper strip from the template.

Roll the paper strip into a thin pipe.

Cut out the star shape from the template.

Glue the star with the paper pipe.

Step 11: Glue The Star:

paper plate cone christmas tree(11)

Glue the Christmas tree star paper ornament on the top of the paper cone Christmas tree.

Step 12: Christmas Tree Trunk:

paper cone christmas tree (12)

Cut out a rectangular piece of brown paper to make the Christmas tree’s trunk. 

Step 13: Make The Trunk:

Paper cone christmas tree craft for kids (13)

Roll the rectangular brown craft paper piece into a roll. 

Step 14: Glue The Trunk:

paper christmas tree with paper cone (14)

Glue the paper roll trunk on the bottom of the paper cone Christmas tree.

I hope you all enjoyed this Christmas tree paper cone craft tutorial.

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