How To Make Easy Tulip Card For Mother’s Day (2 Printables)

Learn to make this beautiful tulip card for mother’s day craft next year.

Even though it’s the end of October if you are thinking ahead and want to make a mother’s day card. Do you want to learn how to make a pop up tulip card? Make a fun tulip card and gift it to your loved ones. This tulip card craft is suitable for many occasions. There are so many tulip card DIY ideas out there, I made a tulip pop up card last year, and I also have this new tulip flower card idea you might like, I have a long list of tulip cards to make, and today I want to share this easy 3D tulip card idea.

Do you ever wonder why tulip flowers are so popular? Is it only because they look so mesmerizing? I have collected a list of amazing facts about tulip flowers. I have listen the, down below.

5 Amazing Facts About Tulip Flowers:

  • There are over 150 species of tulips with over 3,000 different varieties.
  • Tulips come in so many colors, you can find tulips in almost any color. They even come in multiple shades in one bud. 
  • The word “tulip” comes from a Persian word meaning “turban” The word “tulip” comes from the graceful shape of the flower and the bulb that inspired the word “tülbend,” a Turkish pronunciation of the Persian word “dulband,” which means turban.  
  • Tulips are the top three most popular flowers in the world. 
  • Tulips are a part of the lily family, you can use tulips for cooking. 

How to Make a Tulip Pop Up Card

Tools and Materials

  1. cardstock paper.
  2. Colorful Craft Paper.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.
Tulip Pop Up Card Supplies

Free Tulip Flower and Card Template

Download Tulip Card Template:

Tulip Flower Card Step-By-Step Instructions:

A beautiful card you can make for your lovely mom for Mother’s Day. Let her know how grateful you are for having her in your life. Make this easy tulip pop up card using free tulip patterns and step-by-step instructions.

20 20 minutes

Cut Out Patterns

pop up tulip card (1)

After you download the free PDF templates for the tulip, card out the tulip petals using colorful craft papers. Use a pencil to trace the flower pattern on the craft paper and cut out at least four petals.

Fold In Half

simple tulip card (2)

Take the tulip flower petals, and fold all the petals vertically ion the middle.

Apply Glue

timeless tulips card ideas (3)

take one of the folded tulip flower petals, and apply glue on one half of the petal.

Join Petals

tulip birthday card (4)

Now, take another folded tulip petal, and join it with the half of the first petal we applied glue to.

Glue-All Petals

tulip card and gift (5)

Similarly, apply glue on half of the folded tulip petals, and keep joining them with the first piece. This will create a 3D tulip look.

Glue The Stem

tulip card diy (7)

In the template you will see, we have two parts for the tulip card. Glue the tulip flower stem on the smaller card. Glue the stem vertically on the middle.

Glue The Flower

tulip card for mother s day (8)

Now, glue the 3D tulip flower on the top of the stem and card.

Make The Vase

tulip card craft (6)

Cut out the vase for your flower card from the template. Fold the piece according to the lines on the vase’s template.

Glue The Vase

tulip cards and gifts (9)

Apply glue on the vase, then, glue it over the bottom part of the tulip’s stem.

Glue The Leaves

tulip cards to make (10)

Fold the tulip flower leaves in the middle, and then, glue one leaf on the left side of the stem, and glue another leaf on the right side of the stem.

Background Card

tulip flower card (11)

Take the larger card, and glue it on the back of the base card of the tulip flower card.

Paper Bow

tulip gift card (12)

Use the PDF template to cut out the pattern to make the paper bow using craft papers.

Apply Glue

tulip mother s day card (13)

Apply glue on the middle thin part of the bow pattern.

Join Sides

tulip pop up card (14)

Now, bring the points from both sides to the glued area, and join it there.

Glue Ribbons

Tulip Mother's Day Pop Up Card (15)

Take the two paper ribbons, and glue them diagonally on the tulip flower vase.

Final Step

tulips easter card (16)

Glue the paper bow on the paper vase over the joined area of the ribbons to finish making your tulip flower card.

How To Use This Tulip Pop Up card

You can use this as a tulip birthday card. Make this tulip gift card for Valentine’s Day. And I think it’s very suitable as a tulip mother’s day card.

Thank you for staying with us all through the craft project. I hope you enjoyed this craft tutorial and hope to see you in our next craft project.

We have many more flower crafts in our blog. Please check out the flower cards down below.

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