Fun Shape Craft For Preschoolers (2 Templates)

Hello everyone! I have a fantastic shape craft for kindergarten kids. 

shape crafts for kids

If you are looking for shape learning activities for toddlers. I think this craft will fit you just right. These shape learning activities for preschoolers are easy to make and, it also comes with free printable templates. Kids can play with this craft as a shape learning game. Shape craft for toddlers is very popular, I think it helps the kids to learn in a fun and easy way. 

So kids let’s learn some shapes’ names and how they are. 

Learning shapes is very important. Learning about shapes is as important as learning the numbers and the alphabet. Learning shapes can help children improve, be creative and visualize things. In today’s craft, we will be learning about geometric shapes. 

What are shapes?

  • Look at the picture below, I have arranged a few objects in different shapes for you. This picture will help you understand the shapes. The wheel is a circle, it’s a round shape it doesn’t have points or edges. Now you might be wondering what are points! We will get there in a bit.
  • Look at the second image, the eggs are oval. It is similar to a circle, but it has closed curves. 
  • Now, look at the slice of watermelon. It is triangle shaped. It has three points, one at the top and two at the bottom. The triangle has three arms and three points, You can also say that the triangle has three sides. 
  • In the fourth picture, we see a clock. The clock has four sides, so the clock’s shape is square. It has four sides and four points. 
  • Now let’s move on to the fifth image, which is a street sign. This is a pentagon. How many sides do you see? The pentagon has five sides and five points. 
  • Now, look at our last image, it is a bolt, the bolt has six sides which makes it a hexagon. 

Here is a picture (Picture Two) of a triangular street sign that can help you understand the points and sides of a shape. 

That’s enough learning for today. Let’s have some fun making our shape craft, it will help you remember today’s lesson. 

Shape Craft For Kids With Step by step instructions:

Download The templates For The Shape Craft

Tools and Materials:

Shape House Supplies Image
  1. Colorful crafting papers. 
  2. Ruler and circle drawing ruler.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Glue. 
  6. Paper Plate.
shape crafts for preschoolers

Step 1: Cut out The Shapes

To make this shape learning craft, you will need to fetch all the tools and materials listed above. 

Print out the PDF templates. Then, use a pencil to trace the shapes on craft papers, and use a pair of scissors to carefully cutout the shapes from the craft papers.

Step 2:

Glue the house’s roof with the house. Glue the square and the triangle shape to make the house’s window. 

Glue the half-circular shape on the house’s door. 

Step 3:

Now, glue the rectangular chimney on the top-right side of the house’s roof.

Then, glue the window on the left side of the house. 

Glue the rectangular shapes door on the house. 

shape house paper craft

Step 4:

Now, glue the paper strip window bars. And, glue the paper door knob on the paper door. 

Step 5:

Glue the oval-shaped leaves with the tree’s branch to make the paper tree craft.

Step 6:

Glue the black round shape inside the pentagon-shaped mailbox. Then glue the long paper strip on the back of the mail to make the paper mailbox.

shape craft for kids

Step 7:

Glue the yellow circular shape in the middle of the orange hexagonal shape to make the sun. 

Step 8:

Take a paper plate for your shape craft. Cut out the backgrounds for your paper plate using green and blue craft papers. 

Glue the backgrounds inside the paper plate. Then place your shape craft house, trees, mailbox, and sun inside the paper plate. 

How Can You Use This Shape House Craft For Kids:

This shape learning craft for preschoolers is mainly designed to help kids learn about shapes. 

Remembering things can be difficult for everyone, but making this fun craft can help kids boost their learning ability and help them memorize these shapes easily. After making this shape craft house, trees and mailbox, kids can have fun playing with it. It’s like shape learning toys. 

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I hope you all enjoyed our today’s craft. Thank you for being with us. Hope to see you in our next posy. Beebyee.

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