3D Origami Pumpkin Paper Craft Easy

Learn to make a 3D origami pumpkin paper craft.

origami paper pumpkin craft tutorial

Paper pumpkin crafts are so hyped these days, and as usual, I wanted to jump into the trend. I was looking for some easy pumpkin craft ideas, and I thought of making an origami pumpkin craft for Halloween. Origami crafts are so long and difficult to make. I found tons of good origami pumpkin crafts on the net including some other fruits. 

I was inspired by my sister The Craftaholic Witch to make this origami pumpkin craft. Paper pumpkin DIY projects are suitable for fall decorations. 

origami pumpkin craft for halloween

If you want to add some extra pumpkin with your curved pumpkins you can try out this origami pumpkin idea. 

I tried to keep it as simple as I could but, you know origami crafts are very long. I have a video tutorial on how to make an origami pumpkin on my Pinterest and Youtube. If you are confused about a few steps in this picture tutorial I suggest that you go check out my Pinterest for this craft. 

How To Make 3D Origami Pumpkin Paper Craft 

Tools and Materials:

  1. Colorful origami papers and crafting papers. 
  2. Pencil.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Glue. 
  5. Paper Plate.

Origami Pumpkin Step by step tutorial

origami paper pumpkin decorating ideas 1

Step 1:

  1. Take an orange origami paper 14cm*14cm.
  2. Place the origami paper diagonally on the base.
  3. Take the bottom corner of the origami paper, then bring it upwards, and fold the origami paper diagonally in half.
  4. Open up the paper’s fold/
  5. Take the right corner, bring it over the left corner and vertically fold it in half.
  6. Open the fold again.
pumpkin craft halloween 2

Step 2:

  1. Fold the origami paper in the middle (fold it in half).
  2. Open the fold, which creates two creases on the left and right sides.
  3. Fold the origami paper along the creases we made in the previous process. 
  4. This folding will create a triangular shape. 
origami pumpkin crafts 3

Step 3:

  1. Take the top left point, and bring it downwards to the bottom point.
  2. Similarly, take the right top point and bring it down to the middle bottom point. 
  3. Flip the origami folder piece to the other side, and fold the top left point to the bottom. 
  4. And, also fold the top right point to the bottom. Now we have a square shape.
origami pumpkin garland 4

Step 4:

  1. Fold in the left corner to the middle line. 
  2. Then, bring the right corner to the middle line and fold it there. 
  3. Flip the piece over and repeat the same process on the left and right corners. 
origami pumpkin craft ideas 5

Step 5:

  1. Take the bottom flap from the left and fold it outwards along the line. 
  2. Fold the excess part inwards and fold it along the outer line. 
  3. Take the left corner and open the gap between the folded part. Then, take folded flap (step 5.2) and put it inside the gap. 
  4. Similarly, fold the right flap inside the gap. And repeat the same process on the other side of the origami paper.
Origami paper pumpkin diy 6

Step 6:

After making all the folds you will notice a hole on the top part of the origami folded piece, blow air into the hole to inflate the origami piece to give it your origami pumpkin shape. 

how to make origami pumpkin 7

Step 7: How To Make The Stem:

Cut out a rectangular-shaped green craft paper to make the stem.

Start rolling the craft paper from one corner/

Roll the whole piece to make the pumpkin stem, and apply glue to secure the roll. 

paper pumpkin decorations 8

Step 8: How To Make Origami Leaf

Cut out a lead shape using the same green craft paper. 

Fold the leaf in half.

Make some zigzag folds on the leaf. 

Open up the fold to reveal your leaf.

Put the paper stem of the pumpkin through the hole we used to inflate the pumpkin. And, glue the leaf on the stem.

paper pumpkin ideas 9

Step 9: How To Make Swirly Vines:

Cut out strips of green craft papers. 

Use a quilling tool to roll the green paper strip. 

Then, pull the ends of the strip to make swirly vines for the pumpkin.

Glue the swirly paper vines on the pumpkin to finish making your 3D origami paper pumpkin craft. 

learn to make origami paper craft pumpkin

How Can You Use This Shape House Craft For Kids:

This 3D Origami pumpkin paper craft can be used to make an origami pumpkin garland. 

If you are looking for paper pumpkin decorating ideas, you can use this as paper pumpkin decorations. 

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