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Easy Witch Halloween Pop Up Card (+2 Templates)

Are you looking for Halloween Pop Up cards? Look no further because we have amazing Halloween card Ideas with free printable templates.

if you want pop up card DIY ideas you will enjoy this witch unique Halloween cards ideas. Check out our blog for more on how to make 3D pop up cards. To make this printable Halloween card check out the step-by-step instructions down below. The materials you need for this craft is very easy to find and they are not costly. You can easily make this budget friendly Halloween Pop Up Card for kids and adults for this Halloween.

How To Make 3D Witch Halloween Pop Up Card

Supplies For Halloween Pop Up Card :

  1. Cardstock Papers.
  2. Colorful Craft Paper.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Glue.
  7. Marker Pens.

Witch Templates: Download For Free:

Witch Pop Up Card Template 1

Witch Pop Up Card Template 2


Step 1: How To Make Paper Witch.

From the links above download the PDF templates and print them out to make this 3D witch pop-up card craft. Cut out the pieces for the witch using craft paper or use the colorful templates to directly cut out the pieces for the witch.

First, glue the witch front and back hair with the witch’s dead.

Glue the hat’s belt and the buckle with the hat. Glue the witch’s hands with her dress’s sleeves.

Then, glue the witch’s hat on top of her head.

Then, glue the sleeves with the witch’s dress, and then glue the dress with the witch’s neck.

Step 2: How To Make Witch’s Broom.

Cut out the parts for the witch’s broom using the PDF templates.

Glue the broom’s head with its handle.

Step 3: Prepare Your Card.

Cut out an A4 sized blue cardstock paper. Then, fold the cardstock paper in half.

Step 4: Prepare Your Pop Up Card.

Cut out a 4*2 inches sized blue cardstock.

Then, fold it in half. Now, make 2cm creases on both ends.

Glue the cardstock pieces on the centre of the cardstock according to the image.

Step 5: Decorate The Halloweem Pop Up card

Cut out a yellow circular shapes craft paper. Then, glue the yellow moon on the background of your pop up card.

Glue the witch on the broom. Now, glue the witch and broom on the blue pop socket of the card.

Cut out the Bats from the templates. Then glue the bats on the background near the moon.

Step 6: Halloween Card Final; Step:

Cut out the Jack-o’-lantern and the witch’s cauldron from the PDF templates.

Cut out another pop socket for the pop up card and glue it on the front part of the card.

Glue the paper cauldron on on the pop socket.

Then glue the paper Jack-o’-lantern on the left side of the cauldron.

Halloween-Pop up Card

How To Use This Halloweem Pop Up Card

Send your friends and family handmade Halloween Pop up card for this Halloween. This Halloween Pop Up Card is easy for kids to make with the free PDF templates.

This Halloween witch pop up card is also suitable for Halloween decorations.

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