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3D Hot Air Balloon Craft Easy

I know this isn’t a hot air balloon craft that flies, but this hot air balloon craft for preschool is still super fun to make. This 3D hot air balloon craft comes with a 3D hot air balloon template, which makes the process a lot easier for kids of any age.

3d hot air balloon craft 

If you are looking for an easy hot air balloon craft this is the best one you will find. If you want to make a Hot air balloon craft with paper look no further because this 3D hot air balloon craft will definitely blow your mind up to the sky. You will find plenty of Hot air balloon craft ideas but if you want something that is simple also something you can use to decorate your kid’s craft space you can make this hot air balloon craft using the easy hot air balloon craft template. 

Hot Air Balloon Day is celebrated on June 5th. It is a day to celebrate the magnificent invention of these balloons. People around the world participate in various activities such as hot air balloon rides, festivals, and parades to mark the occasion. It’s a great day to appreciate the beauty of this invention and the incredible adventure they offer. 

How To Make a Hot Air Balloon With Toilet Paper Roll

List Of Supplies:

1.    Craft Papers.

2.    Tissue Paper Roll.

3.    Pencil.

4.    Ruler.

5.    Scissors.

6.    Glue.

7.    Twine.

8.    Awl.

Download Free Template:

hot air balloon craft template
Click To Get the Template

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Prepare The Toilet Paper Roll

hot air balloon craft for preschool

First, get your toilet paper roll.

Then, use a pair of scissors cut the toilet paper roll in half. Take a brown colored craft paper and cut it according to the length and height of your half toilet paper roll. 

Step 2: Cut Out The Balloons

 easy hot air balloon craft 
Hot air balloon craft with paper

Download the attached PDF hot air balloon craft template and use the balloon template to cut out balloon patterns from colorful craft papers. 

Fold all the balloon patterns vertically in half.

Apply glue on the one-half side of the folded balloon pattern, 

Then, take another folded balloon pattern and glue it over the first pattern. Glue all the patterns one over another one by one. 

Step 3: Attach The Rope

Hot air balloon craft easy

Before gluing the last balloon pattern take a long twine and fold it in half. 

Glue the twine vertically in the middle of the balloon pattern.

Then, apply glue on one side of the balloon pattern.

Then, join both sides together keeping the twine in the middle.  

Step 4: Final Process

hot air balloon craft template

Take an awl, and poke four holes on four sides of the balloon. 

Tie twines on each hole. 

Use sticky tape to join the twines with the toilet paper rolls on four sides. 

Then, take the brown craft paper and cover the toilet paper roll to finish making the craft. 

3d hot air balloon craft template

How Do Hot Air Balloons Work?

If your child is interested in hot air balloons and wants to learn a bit about how they work you can make this craft with them and explain how they work from the paragraph below. 

Explaining how a hot air balloon works for kids can be done in a simple and fun way. Here’s a kid-friendly explanation. Before you read this keep this in mind I didn’t write the process myself I have gathered pieces of information from different websites. 

A hot air balloon works because of something called hot air. You know how when you blow air out of your mouth, it feels warm? Well, that’s because your breath is hot. In a hot air balloon, we use a big balloon made of a special fabric that is filled with air.

But here’s the exciting part: to make the balloon go up, we need to heat the air inside the balloon. They use a burner to fill the balloon with heat. The burner is a big, powerful flame that makes the air inside the balloon very hot.

When the air inside the balloon gets hot, it starts to expand. It becomes lighter and less dense than the air outside the balloon. And you know what happens when something is lighter than the air? It goes up!

So, when the air inside the balloon gets really hot, the whole balloon starts to lift up into the sky. And because the balloon is connected to a basket, people can ride inside it and go up as well.

To go down, the pilot can let some hot air out of the balloon. When the air cools down, the balloon becomes heavier and starts to come back down gently.

That’s basically how a hot air balloon works. It’s a big, floating balloon filled with hot air that makes it go up in the sky. It’s like flying with the help of hot air magic!

Isn’t that cool? If you ever get a chance, you should definitely try going on a hot air balloon ride. It’s a thrilling and wonderful experience!

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3D Toilet Paper Roll Owl

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Who Invented Hot Air Balloons?

The hot air balloon was invented by two brothers named Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier from France. They made their first successful flight on June 4, 1783. The Montgolfier brothers were inspired by watching the smoke rise from a fire, and they wondered if they could use hot air to make something fly. They built a large fabric balloon and filled it with hot air from a fire. When the air inside the balloon became hot enough, it lifted off the ground and flew into the sky. This invention marked the birth of the hot air balloon and the beginning of human flight. The Montgolfier brothers’ achievement paved the way for future advancements in aviation.

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