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Halloween Bookmark Crafts For Kids (4 Designs)

If you are looking for Halloween bookmark ideas, I have just the perfect printable Halloween bookmark craft for you. Halloween is almost here. Are you excited for Halloween? I am certainly excited because I have so many fun Halloween activities to share with you.

diy Halloween bookmark easy craft

To make this Halloween bookmark crafts for kids all you need is some easy-to-find supplies. I kept the Halloween bookmark printables pattern very easy so that kids could easily cut them out to make the bookmarks. 

Kids Halloween Bookmark Craft

origami halloween bookmarks craft

If you like to read you obviously know how important bookmarks are. It is very easy to make origami corner bookmarks. But sometimes a simple origami corner bookmark can look boring. If you want to shake things a bit and create a bookmark that is suitable for the season or holidays you can make a set of Origami Halloween bookmarks for this Halloween. 

List of Supplies 

  1. Origami Craft Papers. 
  2. Colorful Construction Papers. 
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Glue. 
  7. Marker pens. 

Free Halloween Bookmark Templates

Click to Download Templates 

Step-by-step Tutorial 

Step One: Cut Out The Halloween Bookmark Template

halloween bookmark craft

First, you need to download the Halloween bookmark template and print out the PDF templates. 

Trace the patterns from the templates to colorful craft papers or colorful construction papers.

Cut out the patterns from the templates very carefully using a pair of scissors.

You can ask for an adult’s help for this step. 

Step Two: Outline The Patterns

halloween bookmark ideas

Take a green Sharpie, a black Sharpie, and an orange Sharpie.

Use the orange Sharpie to outline the pumpkin patterns to make the jack-o-lantern bookmark. Use the green sharpie to add outline and details on the pumpkin’s stem. 

Then, use the black Sharpie to outline and draw details on the bat’s wings. 

Step Three: Add Details

Glue the eyes cut out on the pumpkin to make the jack lanterns. 

Then, glue the black mouth and nose pattern on the pumpkin to finish making the jack-o-lantern. You can color the nose and mouth with a black marker pen if you want to. 

Step Four: Finish Decorating The Bookmarks:

Glue the eyes on the bat.

Take a thin black gel pen and a red Sharpie. Use the black gel pen to draw the bat’s mouth, then glue the pointed teeth on the bat’s mouth. 

Use the red sharpie to draw details on the bat’s ears. 

Step Five: Glue It With Origami Bookmarks

Make origami corner bookmarks to glue your Halloween characters on. 

If you don’t know how to make origami corner bookmarks, check out this tutorial from us to learn How To Make An Origami Corner Bookmark Step By Step.

Glue the bat and jack-o-lantern on the origami corner bookmark to finish making your DIY Halloween bookmark.  

How Can I Use These Halloween Bookmark Crafts?

If you are a kindergarten school teacher and you want to do some fun and creative Halloween activities with your pupils you can make these lovely Halloween bookmarks. After a long week of school work kids can refresh their minds with some fun activities. Since bookmarks are very useful this craft project can inspire their reading habits. 

Tips and Tricks for Halloween Bookmark Craft:

  1. I suggest you first make the origami bookmark with square origami paper before printing out the templates. Once your bookmarks are ready measure the templates and adjust the size of your PDF reader, increase or decrease the size of the page to match your origami bookmark and then you can print it. All the templates come in A4 size. 
  2. If you want to reduce the hassle of cutting out the templates, you can use carbon paper to trace the patterns on your craft papers. 
  3. To make your bookmarks last longer use cardstock papers. 
  4. To precisely cut out the patterns consider using a small pair of crafting scissors. Safety scissors are a must if a kid is making the craft. 
  5. Use white glue for a stronger hold, also it dries down quickly. 

Discover more Halloween crafts from our Arty Crafty Bee Family How to Fold an Origami Bat: Easy Origami Bat Instructions (2 Designs).

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