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Easy St Patrick’s Day Decorations DIY (2 Tutorials)

I know you can find St Patrick’s Day Decorations in Hobby Lobby. But it is always fun to be a little creative now and then. 

st patricks day outdoor decorations

If you want to make some Saint Patrick’s Day photo props for your party you can check out these cute Saint Patricks Day accessories I made with easy patterns. 

How To Make St Patrick’s Day Paper Hat

Saint Patrick’s Day hat crafts are very fun to make. You can use these hats as your Saint Patrick’s Day Photo Props. 

The patterns for the hats are easy to trace and cut. The materials and tools you need to make these Leprechaun Hats are not that costly. These hats are not only decorative, but you can also wear them on your head, just don’t pour water on them and they’ll be fine. 

Download St Patrick’s Day Decoration Craft Template

Template 1: Download St Patrick’s Day Hat Template.

Template 2: Handprint Shamrock St Patrick’s Day Decoration.

List Of Tools and Materials 

Craft Supplies
  1. Colorful Cardstock Papers. 
  2. Pencil.
  3. Ruler.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Glue.
  6. Colorful Marker Pens. 

Saint Patrick’s Day Hat Craft Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: St Patrick’s Day Hat Craft Pattern

1 saint patrick s day hat craft

I have attached a link above where you can download the St Patrick’s day hat template from. The templates are in a4 PDF format. So to print the templates you will have to use A4-sized papers. 

Use green shade craft paper or cardstock paper to cut out the base for your leprechaun hat. 

Use black color craft paper to cut out the belt of the hat. Then, use a yellow color to cut out the hat’s belt buckle. 

Step 2: Prepare The Belt Buckle: 

2 st patrick s day hat craft

From the template, you can see two vertical lines on the belt buckle. Use an x-acto knife to carefully make two slits on the buckle along the two lines. 

Take the black paper strip belt, and then put it through the two slits to join the belt with its buckle. 

Glue the grey teardrop-shaped piece on the thin part of the hat’s brim. 

Step 3: Glue The Belt

3 st patrick s day paper hat

Glue the belt on the bottom part of the hat’s base. 

Step 4: Join Them Together:

4 st patrick s day hat template

Glue the hat’s top base with the paper hat’s brim. 

Step 5: Cut out Paper Strip:

Measure your head using a measuring tape, then cut out a long piece of cardstock paper according to the size of your head.

Apply glue on one end of the strip then join the two ends together to make a ring shape. 

You can use sticky tape instead of glue if you want to. 

Step 6: Finish Making The Saint Patric’s Day Hat Craft

7 leprechaun hat

Now finally, take your St Patrick’s Day Paper hat and glue it on the ring base we made earlier. And your Saint Patrick’s Day Hat is ready, 

You can also use elastic instead of the cardstock headband to make this St Patrick’s Day Paper hat craft. 

These Saint Patrick’s Day Paper Hats make amazing St Patrick’s Day accessories. 

Now for our second Saint Patrick’s Day ornament, we have a handprint shamrock or handprint clover craft that is suitable for kids. 

St Patrick’s Day Decorations DIY 1

How To Make Hanrpint Shamrock Decoration:

These handprint shamrock crafts are not just photo props, these can be used as DIY St Patrick’s Day Decor. I think this is a fun craft activity for preschoolers and kindergarteners. 

Step 1: Select Your Craft Papers:

1 st patricks day home decor

To make these handprint shamrocks for Saint Patrick’s Day props, you need to go ahead and download the printable templates. 

Select green shades of colorful craft papers you want to use for your handprint shamrocks. 

Step 2: Cut out The Templates For The handprint Shamrock:

If you are doing this handprint shamrock craft with a toddler, place their hand on a blank white paper, and use a pencil to trace the hands outline. 

Cut out the handshape from the paper. Then, trace the shade on craft papers and cut out 3 handprint shapes. But for back up I have added a handprint shape on the PDF templates.  

Step 3: Glue Hands:

handprint shamrock craft for preschoolers

Glue the three handprint shapes with each other from the bottom part, keeping one in the middle and the rest of the two on two sides. 

Cut out your clover/shamrock from green craft paper. 

Glue the handprint papers in the middle of the shamrock/clover to finish your craft. 

st patricks day decorations diy

How To Use These St Patrick’s Day Decoration Craft

Are you going to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? If you are and you need some St Patrick’s Decoration craft ideas you came to the right place. I Have previously made two more St Patrick’s Day Decoration crafts. Check out these St Patrick’s Day Decoration Shamrock Garlands. Decorate your home in various ways using these St Patrick’s Day decorations crafts. Use the hats as photo props to take fun pictures with your friends and family. The handprint shamrock St Patrick’s Day Decoration can also be used as photo props.

If you have enjoyed these St Patrick’s Day Decoration props please share your thoughts with us and we hope that you give these crafts a go.

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