3D Christmas Scene Craft With Paper

Are you looking for 3D Christmas scene craft ideas? What is a better holiday decoration than a handmade decoration? Today in Arty Crafty Bee, we will learn how to make a 3D Christmas Scene Craft simply using paper and a cereal box. As difficult as it looks, it is effortless to make because we have 3D Christmas scene craft free templates that can help you make this craft very easily. 

3D Christmas Scene Craft Easy

Simple christmas scene craft

This Christmas scene craft is a fun way to spend the holidays with your kids. If it is too cold outside and you want to do some fun activities at home you can give this craft a try. The supplies are very easy to find and not too costly. 


To make this craft first you need to prep yourself and the supplies. Check out the listed supplies below and gather all the tools and materials. Then, head over to the link below to download 3D Christmas scene craft pdf templates. Print out the templates on A4-sized craft papers. Keep in mind some of the steps are a little difficult so you might need an adult’s help. 


1.    An Empty cereal box.

2.    Pencil.

3.    Ruler.

4.    Scissors.

5.    Glue.

6.    Colorful Craft Papers.

Download the 3D Christmas Scene Craft Printable Template

Click to download 3D Christmas Scene Craft Templates.


Step 1:

3d christmas scene craft pdf

Select a cereal box you want to use.

Peel off the top layer of the cereal box to have a clean base. Or you can paint the cereal box to make it entirely white.

Cut out a frame from the middle part of the cereal box. Keep 2-3 centimeters of borders.

First, glue the two blue trees on the background.

Then, glue the first layer of ice over the trees, and keep the top parts of the trees visible.

Step 5:

 3d christmas scene craft ideas

Then, glue the second layer of snow and the tree on the back middle of the second layer.

To keep the 3D look, glue a strip of cardboard on the bottom backside of the third snow layer. You can glue cardboard in all the layers if you want to.

Glue the third layer of snow in front of the second layer.

3d christmas scene craft with paper

Download the attached PDF templates.

Use colorful cardstock papers to cut out the snowman and Christmas tree.

Glue all five layers of the Christmas tree together.

Glue the tree’s trunk on the bottom middle part of the tree.

Glue the star on top of the Christmas tree.

Glue the scarf on the snowman’s neck.

Then glue the border on the snowman’s beanie.

Glue the beanie on top of the snowman’s head. And glue the two stick arms on two sides of the snowman’s body.

Glue the nose on the snowman’s face.

Glue yellow cutout paper strips in zigzag shape on the Christmas tree.

Add colorful paper cut-out decorations on the Christmas tree.

Use Sharpie to draw the snowman’s eyes and buttons.

Step 17:

3d christmas scene craft free

Glue the snowman and Christmas tree on the fourth snow layer.

Glue the fourth snow layer on the front of the cereal box frame to finish your 3D Christmas scene.

Cut out thin black paper strips and colorful oval-shaped paper pieces.

Glue the decorations on the black paper strip. You can use these to decorate the outer part of your frame. 

3d christmas scene craft easy

Now that your simple Christmas scene craft is ready where do you want to place it? I think it is a very wonderful Christmas Holiday decoration. You can put it on your table, or bookshelf or even hand it on the wall. 

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