Best 3D Christmas Pop Up Card

Are you interested in Christmas pop up card DIY crafts? Previously I have made similar crafts like Christmas pop up card ideas like this 3D Christmas Scene Craft With Paper.

Holiday crafts are the best. Nowadays, where technology has taken over everything gift cards are becoming very rare. If you want your kids to take some time off their iPads and do some old-school activities with you, you have to make sure they’re having fun.  Our entire blog is dedicated to fun activities for kids. We have lots of free templates and crafts you can do at home with your little ones. 

3d christmas pop up card

This Christmas pop up card is a perfect holiday card you can make for your friends and family. The unique quality of this card is that you can make it very easily doesn’t matter your age, and you can gift it to anyone you want. If a family member is unable to spend the holidays with you, you don’t want them to feel left out, make a handmade card with love and care and mail it to them. 

How To Make a Christmas Pop Up Card

In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a pop up card for Christmas in easy steps. The first thing you’ll need is to gather all the tools and materials I have listed below. Once you have those, go ahead and click the link to download the free templates. Our templates come in A4 size, so it’s printable for any printer. You can either use craft papers or color the templates to make the card. 

christmas pop up card diy

If you are using colorful construction paper, cut use carbon paper to trace the patterns on the colorful construction paper and cut the patterns out carefully using a pair of scissors.   

Christmas Pop Up Card Template

christmas pop up card template

Christmas pop up card templates free download.

Christmas Pop Up Card Instructions

Step 1: Glue The Patterns

1christmas pop up card ideas

Cut out the Christmas pop up card patterns using the templates above. 

Glue the green Christmas tree pattern over the white Christmas tree pattern. 

Glue the glittery star shape on the top of the Christmas tree pattern. 

Then, diagonally glue the yellow strips on the Christmas tree pattern.

Glue colorful round craft paper cutouts on the yellow strips. 

Step 2: Make The Pop Up Card

Take an A4-sized cardstock paper and fold it horizontally in half, measure your Christmas tree pattern, and cut off the excess from the cardstock. 

2 how to make a christmas pop up card

Draw two vertical symmetrical lines on the closed ends of the card. Cut along the vertical line. 

Fold to make a crease.

Put the cut area inwards on the card. 

Step 3: Decorate The Card

 christmas pop up card instructions

Select a cover for your Christmas pop up card and glue the cover on the back. 

Glue the Christmas tree pattern on the pop up card area. 

Glue the “Happt Christmas” writing on the card above the Christmas tree pattern. 

Glue the colorful gift boxes on the bottom of the card. 

Tips and Trick For Making A Pop Up Card:

christmas pop up card templates free download

The first mistake we all make when it comes to making pop up cards is selecting a small base for the card. Always make sure the length of the card must be twice the size of the item you want to place inside. 

Don’t make the card before making the items you want to place inside. For example, I made the Christmas tree before making the card, so I could measure the tree and then cut out the card. 

If you want a large pop up you have to make large cuts on the closed end. The longer the cut is the larger your pop up will be. 

Always use thick paper or cardstock paper to make the pop up card. 

If you want to learn how to make multiple layers on your pop up card, check out this craft from us. How To Make Easy 3D Tulip Pop Up Card

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