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How To Make a Christmas Wreath Decoration For Kids (+2 Templates)

Looking for Christmas wreath ideas that you can make in 30 minutes? Look no further I have one for you.

How to Make Christmas Wreath

Christmas is a season of joy, giving, and receiving love. It is one of me the most beautiful times of the year. Families wait for Christmas to spend the holiday together. This season brings everyone close together.

Christmas 2023 is near. Are you looking For How To Make Christmas wreath decorating ideas for this December? This content is perfect for DIY Christmas wreaths for the front doors. Kids enjoy holiday and Christmas crafts, and this Christmas wreath craft is perfect for a holiday craft. So look around your house to collect all the listed supplies below and start making this DIY Christmas wreath

How To Make A Wreath For Christmas

Christmas Wreath Materials and Tools

  1. Colorful Craft Paper.
  2. Cardstock Paper or Paper Plate.
  3. Brown Wrapping Paper.
  4. Pencil.
  5. Ruler.
  6. Scissors.
  7. GLue.
  8. Maker Pens.
christmas wreath material

Download Free Templates

Click Here To Download Template.


Step 1 Cut Out The Christmas Decorations:

To get started with this Christmas Wreath craft you need to print out the PDF templates.

Then use the PDF templates to trace and cut out the Christmas decorations from colorful craft papers.

You can also use the colorful template to directly cut out the decorations for the Christmas wreath.

large christmas wreath

Step 2 Make The Gingerbread Man:

To make the gingerbread man you need to cut out the icings and buttons from the template.

Glue the buttons on the gingerbread man’s chest and then glue the icings on hands and legs.

how to make a christmas wreath

Step 3 Complete The Christmas Tree.

Then, fetch the Christmas tree. Use the colorful circular pieces to decorate the tree. Now, cut out the star from yellow or golden craft paper then glue the star on top of the Christmas tree. 

outdoor christmas wreath

Step 4 More Decorations:

Use the PDF templates to make more decorations (stockings, bell, and sugar cane candies). 

Gather all the decorations for the wreath.

diy christmas wreath

Step 5 Prepare The Christmas Wreath Base:

To make this Christmas wreath base you need to get some cardstock paper or maybe a thick paper plate. 

Then, cut a circular shape out of the cardstock paper, the diameter for the wreath base should be 10-12 inches.

Now, cut out a 5-6 diameter circle from the middle of the circular cardstock to make the base for your wreath.

christmas wreath ideas

Step 6 Wrapping the Wreath Base:

Cut out some long strips of brown wrapping paper.

Then use sticky tapes to hold the base and the end of the brown paper strip together. 

Now, start wrapping the Christmas wreath base using brown paper.

Step 7How To Make Christmas Wreath : Complete Wrapping:

Wrap around the whole Christmas wreath base using the brown wrapping paper.

Step 8 Christmas Banner

Cut out the “Merry Christmas” colorful quotation from the PDF templates. 

Then use sticky tapes or glue to stick the quotation across the middle part of the wreath base.

Step 9 Final Step:

Then glue the bell on the top of the Christmas wreath and glue the candy canes on both sides of the wreath.

Glue the stockings on the bottom, glue the Christmas tree and the gingerbread man on both sides.

How To Use This Wreath:

Christmas seems incomplete without a beautiful wreath on the front door.

But you can use it for other decorations as well. This Wreath idea can help you decorate any doors in the house. You can also hang it over the fireplace or stairways as well. 

You can also use this as wall decorations at your home for this Christmas.

Christmas Wreath Ideas For Door

Now that you have learned how to make this Christmas Craft Wreath I hope that you will give it a try. Please share your thoughts about this Holiday Wreath front door decoration craft and stay tuned here for more amazing crafts for kids. We post fun easy kid’s crafts every week with amazing colorful printable templates.

Use a large base to make a large Christmas wreath.

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Outdoor Christmas Wreath + Home For Christmas Ideas.

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