How To Make Quilled Squirrel Greeting Card Craft (With Free Templates)

Do you want to learn how to make a quilled card craft project in just 30 minutes? Check out this tutorial to learn how to make this quilled squirrel craft step by step.

Do you like quilling crafts? I love to make quilled crafts.

It’s not only fun but also very relaxing. Even though it can be time-consuming but it’s worth the time.

I have this very fun to make easy quilled squirrel card craft for older kids. Check out this very easy quilled squirrel card craft step by step and make something fun for this fall season. Squirrels are so adorable, if you are looking for quilling project ideas then this paper quilling squirrel card craft is perfect for this season.

How To Make An Easy Quilled Squirrel Card Craft

Free Template

Download Template.


  1. Cardstock Paper.
  2. Quillng Papers.
  3. Quilling Tools.
  4. Pencil.
  5. Ruler.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Glue.
  8. Craft papers.


I will show you how to make this easy quilled squirrel card craft ste[ by step in this tutorial below.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Step 1: Cut Out The Squirrel And Prepare The Card

Cut out the squirrel from the templates. Then select a card for your quilling art craft. Glue the squirrel’s template on the card. You will use this template to trace and glue the paper quilling strips.Cut Out The Template and Prepare The Card Step 1

Step 2: Start Making a Loose Coil:

Take a long brown quilling strip (5 – 6 inches).
Use the quilling tool to roll the quilling strip.
Start Making the loose coil For The Squirrel Step 2

Step 3: Glue The Teardrop Shape

Make the brown quilled coil into a teardrop shape.
Glue the teardrop shape over the squirrel’s face.Glue The Teardrop Shape step 3.

Step 4: Prepare The Squirrel’s Ear

Roll the pink and brown quilling strip into a tight teardrop shape. Then, glue it over the squirrel’s ear.Prepare The Squirrel's Ear step 4

Step 5: Glue The Squirrel’s Ear

Roll the pink and brown quilling strip into a tight teardrop shape. Then, glue it over the squirrel’s ear. Glue the squirrel’s ear:

Step 6: Make A Long Brown Strip:

Take two shaded brown strips and join the ends together using glue.Make a long brown strip

Step 7: Glue The Loose Coil

Roll it into a closed coil, and then glue it over the squirrel’s body.Glue the loose coil

Step 8: Make The Tail’s Border

Glue a brown quilling strip around the edges of the squirrel’s tail.Make the tail’s border step 8

Step 9: Fill In The Squirrel’s Tail

Glue a different shades strip inside the tail.Fill in the squirrels tail step 9

Step 10: Finish Making The Squirrel’s Tail

Fill in the tail using more quilling strips and coils.

Step 11: Make The Squirrel’s Paw And Claw

Then make a small and long teardrop shape using brown quilling papers (for claw and paw).Make the squirrel’s claw and paw step 11

Step 12: Make The Acorn

Now, make a small triangular shape using a light yellow quilling strip, and 3 small brown teardrop shapes (for the acorn).
Make The Acorn step 12

Step 13: Glue The Acorn:

Glue the claw and paw with the squirrel craft And then, glue the acorn togetherGlue The Acorn step 13

Step 14: Cut Out The Leaves

Cut out the leaves from the PDF template.Cut Out The Leaves step 14

Step 15: Glue The Leaves

Decorate the card using the leaves and your easy but fascinating squirrel craft is ready.Glue the leaves step 15

How Kids Can Use Quilled Squirrel Card Craft:

Since it is fall season there are numerous ways you can use this quilled squirrel’s craft. You can use this as a gift card or greeting card to send to your loved ones. You can also use this quilled card as a wall decoration. You can also frame this and put it on your desktop or table.

How To Make Quilled Squirrel Easy Craft

I know this quilled squirrel card craft is for older kids and also a bit time-consuming but it is worth a try because it looks absolutely amazing. I hope you have fun making this quilling squirrel card craft with your kids at home this weekend.

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And stay tuned here to see more fantastic easy kids crafts every week.

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