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Fun Toilet Paper Roll Frankenstein(+2 Templates)

Toilet Paper Roll Frankenstein craft step by step for Halloween!

Toilet paper Recycling craft for kids. Looking for Halloween crafts easy ideas? Let’s make Halloween crafts with paper and tissue paper roll. Do you want to make Halloween crafts with household items? You can make this toilet paper roll Frankenstein this Halloween. Looking for toilet paper roll crafts printable? Check out the link down below to download printable templates to make this Tissue paper Roll Frankenstein Craft.

How To Make Tissue Paper Roll Frankenstein Craft For Halloween.

Craft supplies:

  1. Tissue paper Roll.
  2. Colorful craft Papers.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Marker pens or sharpies.

Download Free 3D Toilet paper Roll Frankenstein Template

Click Here To Download Templates


Step 1:

To make this tissue paper roll Frankenstein craft first of all you need to download the free PDF templates.

Then, cut out the patterns for the Frankenstein from the PDF templates using craft papers.

You can use the colorful PDF templates to cut out the patterns directly from the templates.

Step 2:

Cut out the Frankenstein’s hair using black craft papers. Then glue the hair on top of the Frankenstein’s head to make the tissue paper roll Frankenstein.

Allow the glue to dry down completely. You can use glue sticks or white glue for this.

Now take the Frankenstein’s ears, use the same green shade you used for the head. Glue the two ears on the two sides of the head.

Step 3:

Select a grey or ash-shaded craft paper for the Frankenstein’s bolts. Cut out the bolts according to the templates using the grey craft paper.

Then, glue the two bolts right beneath the two ears.

Cut out the eyes from the templates, use a dark yellow shade of marker pen to fill in the colors of the pupils.

Then glue the eyes on the Frankenstein’s face.

Step 4:

Use s black marker pen to draw the Frankenstein’s mouth.

Then use a green shaded marker pen or sharpies to draw the nose and freckles.

Step 5

Cut out a brown shaded rectangular craft paper according to the circumference of the tissue paper roll for the  Frankenstein’s pants. Then glue the brown craft paper around the bottom part of the tissue paper roll.  

Cut out the Frankenstein’s coat from purple craft papers. Then cut out the shirt’s collar using a white craft paper.

Glue the purple rectangular craft paper on the top part of the tissue paper roll. Then glue the white collar over the purple craft paper.

Step 6:

Now for the final step of this craft, glue the Frankenstein’s head on the top of the tissue paper roll.

How To Use This Toilet Paper Roll Frankenstein Craft:

Toilet paper Roll Frankenstein

If you want to make Halloween crafts for preschool kids this easy toilet paper roll craft is suitable for toddlers craft and also preschoolers. You can use this toilet paper roll Frankenstein craft for Halloween decorations for any kind of Halloween party. You can also use this tissue paper roll craft as a pencil holder as well.

This Toilet paper roll Frankenstein DIY craft is super cheap, and you need only a few supplies that you can easily find at home.

Check out the links down below to discover more similar Halloween crafts. You can also find more recycling crafts for kids on our website.

If you try any of these crafts please share your thoughts in the comments. And if you like our content please remember to subscribe to stay notified whenever we have a new post uploaded. We upload fun kids’ crafts every weekend with easy printable templates. Thank you for staying with us.

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