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3D Penguin Pop Up Card Easy

If you are looking for winter kid’s craft activities, try out this fun penguin pop up card.

3D Penguin Pop Up card Easy with free templates

Pop up cards might seem tricky to make but if I’m being honest it’s very easy. I’ve been practicing how to make pop up cards and I’ve made a lot of pop up cards for my clients. There are so many tricks for making pop-up cards, but if you are a beginner, this penguin pop-up card can be easy for you to make. 

I have made pop up cards previously on my blog. I made a Mother’s Day 3D tulip pop up card last year, it brought a lot of audience to my blog.  This idea for a penguin pop up card came from one of my previous posts from last month, I made an easy paper penguin puppet craft, and I was thinking of making another penguin craft. With the previous post, I added 10 absolutely fascinating facts about penguins. This time I am trying not to get lost in finding facts and focusing on making the craft more.

How To Make a 3D Penguin Pop Up Card

Supplies and Materials To Make Penguin Pop Up Card. 

  1. Cardstock Paper. 
  2. Colorful Craft Paper. 
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.

Download Free Templates For Penguin Pop Up Card

Download Penguin Pop Up Card Decoration Template.

Pop Up card Template.


Go ahead and download the penguin pop up card templates from the link above. To make this penguin pop up card you’ll need two templates. One for the penguin, ice layers and trees and the second template for the pop up card. I tried to keep the patterns easy for kids can make this card. I made the “card template.pdf” so it’s easier for you to know how to make the pop up socket for the card if you’re a beginner. 

Step 1: Prepare The Card

penguin pop up card holiday kids craft 1

Select your card paper to make the penguin pop up card. I’m using 11.7 * 5.5 white cardstock. This cardstock was cut out of an A4-sized paper. 

Fold the cardstock in half. 

Step 2: How To Make Pop Up Card Sockets

Draw the two pop up sockets according to the card template. 

Step 3: Fold Horizontally

Cut along the two vertical lines (red lines) and fold the cut area according to the horizontal (green line). 

Step 4: Fold It Inwards:

Fold the cut part inside the card. This is our first pop up card socket. 

Step 5: Second Pop Up card Sokcet

how to make a 3d pop up card craft 2

Like step 3 cut along the red lines and fold along the green line. 

Steel 6: Fold Along The Line

Turn the card over to the other side and similarly cut and fold the other side. 

Step 7: Fold It Inside

Fold in the parts inward of the card. These are the other two pop up card sockets. Now let’s start decorating our penguin pop up card. 

Step 8: Pop Up card Decoration:

penguin pop up card template (9)

Trace the patterns for the ice layer and trees on craft papers using a pencil. Then using scissors carefully cut out the pattern. 

Step 9:  Paper Tree

penguin pop up card kids paper craft 4

Glue the parts of the trees together. 

Then, glue the tree’s trunk at the bottom of the tree. 

Step 10-11: Ice Layers:

how to make an easy pop up card 5

Take one of the ice layers and glue them on the bottom pop-up card socket. 

Similarly, glue the other two ice layers on the pop-up sockets. 

Steps 12-13: Pop Up card Decoration:

Glue the trees on the background of the pop-up card. 

Then, glue the two small ice layers on the front of the trees. 

Step 14: How To Make A Paper Penguin Craft:

how to make a paper penguin craft for winter holiday 6

Now, let’s make out the main character for our penguin pop up card. 

Cut the penguin pattern using the templates and craft papers. 

Glue the icebergs on the pop sockets of the pop-up card. 

Glue the paper penguin’s front and back body parts together. 

Now, glue the penguin’s feet on the bottom of the penguin’s body. 

Glue the two floppers of the penguin on two sides of the paper penguin’s body. 

Glue the penguin’s bill with the paper penguin’s face.

Then, glue two googly eyes on the paper penguin craft.

Step 21: Finish Decorating:

Penguin pop up card kids penguin craft

Glue the penguin on the bottom pop up card socket over the ice layer. 

Step 22: Glue A Cover:

penguin craft pop up card ideas for holiday

For our final step select a back cover for your penguin pop up card and glue it on the back of the penguin pop up card. 

Penguin Pop Up card Craft For Kids

easy 3D Penguin Pop Up card

I hope you enjoyed our today’s penguin pop up card craft, we hope to see you in our next post. Please stay tunes. Have a lovely evening. Thank you.

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