How To Make 3D Fox Pop-Up Card Easy (+2 Printables)

I was looking at my blog posts and I realized I don’t have any fox crafts. Red fox paper crafts are so popular, so I made this fox pop-up card for my blog.

I am starting to lose count of how many pop-up cards I made in past 2 years. My last post was also a pop-up card, I made a very easy Penguin Pop-Up Card with free templates. 

Red foxes are beautiful creatures. I’m sure we’ve all seen a red fox at least once. We often hear stories about how clever foxes are. But do you ever wonder if it is true? Foxes are indeed really quiet. So I wanted to learn about foxes while I thought of making this craft. So I am sharing a few fun facts about foxes that I have gathered from some good sources. 

5 Fun Facts About Foxes:

  1. Foxes live in underground dens.
  2. The red fox is the most common fox.
  3. Foxes can live in various habitats.
  4. A red fox’s tail is over half its body length.
  5. Foxes are considered to be friendly creatures.

Learn to Make 3D Fox Pop-Up Card

Supplies and Materials To Make Fox Pop-Up Card. 

  1. Cardstock Paper. 
  2. Colorful Craft Paper. 
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Marker Pens.

Free Templates For Fox Pop-Up Card

Fox Pop Up Card Template Decorations

Pop Up Card Template

Step By Step Instructions:

To learn how to make a fox pop-up card first, you need to learn how to make a pop up card.  I tried to keep it as simple as I could, but sometimes it might seem difficult to make a pop up card. So that’s why I have made an easy template for you. You can download the free templates for the fox, trees and the pop-up card. Use the templates and the step by step instructions from below to make this fox pop-up card craft. Collect the supplies you need to make the craft. I get most of my supplies from local stationary shops. I do purchase from Amazon and eBay as well. 

Step 1: Fold The Card In Half 

How To Make Fox Pop Up Card (1)

To make this fox pop-up card you need to select a cardstock paper. The size actually depends on how large you want your card to be. The card I made is comparatively small. It is 24×10 centimeters in size. Fold the card in half. 

Step 2: First Pop-Up

How To Make Fox Pop Up Card (2)

According to the “card template.pdf” draw the lines at the closed end of the card. There are two vertical parallel lines and one horizontal line joining the two vertical lines. 

Step 3: Cut The Pop-Up

How To Make Fox Pop Up Card (3)

Use scissors to carefully cut over the vertical lines and fold the cut area along the horizontal line on the card. 

Step 4: Fold It In

How To Make Fox Pop Up Card (4)

Now, carefully fold the pop-up slot inside the the card. 

Step 5: Second Slot

How To Make Fox Pop Up Card (5)

To make the second and third slot draw similar vertical and horizontal lines above the first pop-up card slot. The trick is to keel the length and width smaller than the first one, or else your card will be ruined. 

Steel 6: Cut Second Slot. 

How To Make Fox Pop Up Card (6)

Since we are cutting over the first slot you will notice two layers of paper. You can cut the second and third slot at once .

Step 7: Fold It In.

How To Make Fox Pop Up Card (7)

Like we did with the first pop-up card slot, fold the second slot inside the card. Once you are done folding if, flip the card over to the other side. 

Step 9: Third Pop-Up Slot.

Now, just like before fold this side’s slot inside the card to make your third pop-up card slot. 

Step 10: Open The Card.

How To Make Fox Pop Up Card (10)

Now to reveal your card’s pop-up sockets open the card, and you’ll see three pop-up card slots. Now let’s move on to decorations. 

Step 11: Fox Cutout 

Paper Fox Craft (1)

Download the “fox pop up card.pdf”, then cut out the patterns for the fox. Trace the patterns in colorful craft papers and then carefully use scissors to cut out the fox patterns. 

Step 12-13: Face and Ears:

First, glue the fox’s face and chest (the white part) with the fox’s body.  And glue the white tip of the fox’s tail.

Then, take the two small pink paper cut outs and glue the fox’s ears. 

Step 14-15: Draw Outline:

Take a brown Sharpie and color the tips of the fox’s feet to draw the paws. 

Then, use a black Sharpie to outline the whole fox paper craft. 

Step 16: Draw The Face 

Paper Fox Craft (7)

Use the black Sharpie to draw the fox’s eyes, nose and mouth according to the image.

Step 16: Finish Paper Fox Craft. 

Paper Fox Craft (8)

Use a pink Sharpie to draw the fox’s cheeks.  

Step 17: Paper Trees: 

Fox Pop Up Card Craft Easy (1)

Cut out the trees and grass pattern from colorful craft papers by using the templates.  

Step 18: Decorate Trees

Fox Pop Up Card Craft Easy (2)

Glue the white snow on the top of the trees.

Step 19 – 24 Decorate The Fox Pop-Up Card

Glue the grass on the bottom pop-up card slot. 

Glue the red fox over the grass.

Glue two trees in the corners of the second pop-up card slot. 

Then, glue the two small green trees on the two sides of the red paper fox. 

Then, glue rest of the two trees on the top pop-up card slot to finish the craft. 

You can decorate the card further more with any kinds of decorations you want. 

How To Make Red Fox paper Craft Pop Up card

Thank you for staying with, I hope you have enjoyed our pop up-up card craft. Please leave a comment and subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected every time we have a new craft.

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