Fun Number Learning Craft Abacus For Kids 6 Steps

I have a creative and educational craft for kids today. Learn numbers with the help of sn abacus. 

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If you’re struggling with teaching your kids numbers and counting this craft can definitely help you. Kids often have a hard time counting and calculating numbers. There are so many fun ways to learn numbers. Nowadays YouTube has a lot of cartoons to teach kids numbers and calculations. But if you want to do something a little old-fashioned, you can make this abacus at home and teach kids numbers and counting. 

Before we get into the tutorial I just want to say that a real abacus is much different than this one. I made this as a fun learning numbers craft. 

Kids, if you are wondering what is an abacus I have some information for you down below. 

Abacus is a calculating tool. It was invented a long time ago. Abacus is known as the world’s first calculator. Ancient Mesopotamians of Sumeria invented Abacus between and  BC.

When I was a kid I had a hard time doing maths and solving simple equations. Unfortunately, we didn’t have YouTube or mobile apps to teach us mathematics in a fun way. But we had lots of fun toys that helped us learn a lot, using an abacus was one of the fun things. 

How To Make An Abacus For Kids Step-By-Step Instructions:

Tools and Materials:

  1. Large Popsicle Sticks.
  2. Thick Threads or Plastic Threads.
  3. Glue or Hot Glue.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors. 

Step 1: Get The Supplies:

abacus for kids number crafts for preschoolers (1)

To make this number learning abacus craft you need to collect all the listed materials and tools. 

Step 2: Make The Frame:

abacus for kids number crafts for preschoolers (2)

Take four popsicle sticks (large size), you can use any colors you like. 

Apply glue on each end of the colorful popsicle sticks. 

Join the popsicle sticks together to create a square frame shape. Leave the glue to dry

You can use white glue to get the best results. 

Step 3: Bead The Threads:

Measure the width of your frame and cut out a plastic string or thick thread 4-5 centimeters longer than the width of your frame. 

Enter beads through the string. It is better if you use the same colored beads in each string. But since this is a fun kids’ craft I am using random colors. 

Step 4: Glue The Thread:

abacus for kids number craft activities(4)

Enter ten (10) beads in each string. Then place the string on the popsicle stick frame. Apply glue on the ends of the string and join them with the popsicle stick’s square frame. 

Place the first string on the top part of the frame. Make sure the string is tight when you glue it. 

Step 5:

abacus for kids number craft activities (5)

Take your second beaded string and place it on the bottom of the frame, like previously, glue the strings on both ends with the popsicle string frame. 

Step 6:

counting and numbers for kids (6)

Make three more strings and glue them on the middle part of the popsicle stick frame. 

Make sure to keep an equal distance between each string on the frame. 

Step 7: Complete The Frame:

learn numbers and counting for kindergarten kids (7)

Once you are done gluing all the strings, now you need to take the rest of the two popsicle sticks and glue them over the two popsicle sticks on the two sides.

Here on our blog, we make a lot of fun and educational craft for kids. Last week we made a shape-learning craft for toddlers, and we also have a fun caterpillar craft, it has tons of educational facts about caterpillars. 

How To Use This Abacus Craft:

You can use this craft to learn numbers and counting. And since it is made of colorful materials, kids can also learn colors using this abacus craft.

Here are some fun YouTube videos you can watch and learn how to use this craft. 

ABACUS/ How to use an Abacus/ Abacus for Beginners/Preschoolers

How To Use An Abacus

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