Halloween Witch Doll Mixed Media Craft Fun (2 printables)

I know it’s a little last minute but I have this cute idea for Halloween witch dolls. I’ve seen so many Halloween paper witch dolls craft, it got me thinking I should make one by myself. Sewing is not my specialty but I still wanted to make something different, and not use only paper. I think I have so many paper crafts in my blog that it’s about time I try something a little different.  

paper witch decoration Halloween craft for kids

Paper witch dolls are fun to play with, but dolls made with paper are a little fragile. So I used cardstock paper and felt to make this witch doll craft. Since the dress is made of felt it won’t become crumbled.

I have previously made a Witch Pop Up Card craft for Halloween, 

So kids, do you know what witches are? Would you like to find out a few fun facts about witches? 

5 Fun Facts About Witches:

  1. When you think of witches you might think they’re grumpy and mean! But there are good and bad witches. Not all witches are evil. If you’re a 90’s kid you know Sabrina the teenage witch. Sabrina and her aunts were good witches. 
  2. Male witches are called wizards or warlocks. The word “witch” means both man and woman but it is mostly used to describe a female witch. 
  3. Witches make different kinds of potions. They cook their potions in a cauldron using their spell book recipes.
  4. Witches can fly on their brooms.  
  5. Witches can do different kinds of magic, they have magic wands.

How To Make A Halloween Witch Doll With Step by step instructions: 

Download Witch Doll Template:

Materials And Tools For Witch Doll Craft 

  1. Colorful cardstock papers (green, orange, black, dark blue). 
  2. Felt (black). 
  3. Yarn. (Orange). 
  4. Scissors. 
  5. Glue. 
  6. Ruler.
  7. Pencil. 
  8. Marker pen. 

Step 1: Cut Out The Witch Doll Pattern:

Halloween Witch Paper Doll (1)

To make your Halloween Witch Doll Mixed Media Craft you need to fetch all the tools and materials I listed above. 

I have specified some colors in the list of supplies, but you can use whatever color you like. 

Once you have grabbed all the supplies, now go ahead and print out the PDF templates for which the doll craft is attached to the link above. 

First, cut out the patterns from the templates. 

Then, place the templates on the materials and use a pencil to trace them.

Cut out the patterns from your materials. 

For the witch doll’s gown use felt sheets, for the hair’s base use craft paper or cardstock paper, for the hair use yarn, for shoes, hands, head, and hat use cardstock paper. 

Step 2: Glue The Hair:

Halloween Witch Paper Doll (2)

Cut out small pieces of orange yarn according to the hair pattern. Then, glue the small yarn pieces on the cardstock hair pattern. 

Step 3: Make The Dress:

Halloween Witch Paper Doll (3)

Take fabric glue or white glue. Apply the glue on the dress’s sleeves and glue the sleeves with the felt dress. 

Step 4: Glue The Hands:

Halloween Witch Paper Doll (4)

Apply glue to the witch doll’s hands, and glue the witch’s hands with the witch’s dress’s sleeves. 

Step 5: Glue The Head:

Halloween Witch Paper Doll (5)

Take the witch’s head pattern and place it inside the slit on the hair pattern. Apply glue to the back of the witch’s head pattern of making it stay still with the hair. 

Now, glue the witch’s head with the dress’s neck. 

Glue the witch’s shoes on the bottom part of the witch’s dress. 

Glue the two parts of the witch together. Apply glue only on the top edges of the bottom part of the witch’s hat, and keep a gap between the two parts. 

Step 6: 

Halloween Witch Paper Doll (6)

Cut out a thin strip to decorate the witch’s hat. 

Step 7:

Halloween Witch Doll Craft For Kids

Cut out a glitter paper strip and glue it on the witch’s dress. Use a marker pen to draw the eyes, mouth, and nose.

How To Use This Witch Doll Craft:

This witch doll craft is a fun puppet craft for kids. Kids can play with this paper witch doll. 

I hope you all enjoyed this Halloween witch doll craft because I sure enjoyed making this craft tutorial.

Growing up I enjoyed watching witch movies and cartoons. Hocus Pocus is a very popular movie from my childhood. It is still popular, I think you guys might enjoy watching it.

This is it for today. Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all have an amazing day. Thank you. 

Speaking of witches here is a fun craft from The Craftaholic Witch, my sister, she is a crafty witch.

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