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Fun 19 Christmas Tree Craft Ideas You Must Try

If you want to decorate your home with handmade Christmas crafts this year, you came to the right place. I have gathered 19 amazing Christmas Tree Crafts that are suitable for kids and adults.

Christmas Tree Craft Ideas

A perfect Christmas tree is hard to find, but you can always add your own magic to it to make it appear more beautiful. If you are tired of all the old-fashioned decorations and want to do something of your own, check out these Christmas tree DIY easy crafts that will blow your mind.

I have collected these amazing crafts from different creators with their permission. i have mentioned credit and linked their websites with the images. Please go visit to see the full tutorials for these amazing Christmas tree crafts.

Check out our list of 19 Fun Christmas Tree crafts that are fun and elegant to make.

Here is the list of 1-19 Christmas Tree Craft Ideas To Try This Holiday:

I have categorized the Christmas tree crafts for you so you can easily find what you want to try.

6 Christmas Tree Craft Ideas For Adults and Older Kids:

01. Felt Christmas Tree Craft (With Free Pattern)

Felt Christmas Tree Easy Craft For Christmas Decoration
Muhaimina Faiz

This beautiful piece of work is made by my sister The Craftaholic Witch. Felt crafts often require threads and needles, but what if I tell you that you can make these amazing Felt Christmas tree DIY decorations only using glue?

02. Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornament

Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Ornament

Even though I can’t pick any favorites in these crafts, I personally love these Christmas tree craft ornaments. The colors are so adorable in this craft.

03. DIY Sea Glass Christmas Tree

DIY Sea Glass Christmas Tree

This is a very unique DIY Christmas Tree ornament. This looks so elegant and just perfect for a Christmas party decoration.

04: DIY Framed Yarn Christmas Tassel Tree

DIY Framed Yarn Christmas Tassel Tree

If you like aesthetic decorations, I think this craft is perfect for you. This craft is easy to make and the supplies are not that costly. Even though it seems like an adult craft this is also suitable for kids. You can use this craft throughout the year.

05. Easy Boho DIY Yarn Christmas Trees

Easy Boho DIY Yarn Christmas Trees

here is another Christmas tree craft idea for adults. If you are not into colorful decorations and love to keep things boho, you can give this DIY Christmas tree idea a try. This is a beautiful addition to put something on the corner table or the shelf for Christmas decoration. These Christmas tree making materials are easy to find almost everywhere.

06. How To Make A 3D Christmas Tree

How To Make A 3D Christmas Tree

If you like origami crafts, you can make this origami Christmas tree decoration for your home. This is very easy to make for all ages.

13 Christmas Tree DIY Projects For Kids

Here are some easy crafts for kids for this Christmas.

07. Clay Pot Christmas Tree Ornament Coloring Craft:


Here is a fun Christmas tree craft preschool, Color boring old clay pots into vibrant Christmas ornament crafts. Fun things about clay pots, you can use them again and again. You can always wash and coat it with other colors to make a different project.

08: Felt Christmas Tree Easy Craft


Looking for easy sewing crafts for kids? Make this felt Christmas tree button craft using free pattern and instructions. There are beautiful Christmas tree craft decorations.

09: Cardboard Christmas Tree Craft


Want to make Christmas tree craft ideas for toddlers? Make Christmas tree ornmane tofr kids using cardstock and buttons. This is such a fun idea if you want your kids to enjoy decorating the Christmas tree.

10. Christmas Tree Cards

Christmas tree craft card

Looking for wayds to make fun Christmas tree craft cards? Make fun Christmas cards for your friends and family with kids.

11. Christmas Tree Paper Bag Puppet Craft

Paper bag craft for Christmas

What a fun Christmas tree paper cutting craft is this? Make fun puppets to tell Christmas stories. This Christmas paper bag tree craft is so easy to make and it is so cute. Kids can play with it and tell Christmas stories on Christmas eve.

12. Christmas Tree Cereal Box Craft

Christmas Tree Cereal Box Craft

Recycle old cereal box and make an amazing home decoration craft for Christmas. These 3D Christmas tree recycling craft is fun and eco friendly.

13. Pony Beads Chrstmas Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree beads craft

Make this adorable Christmas tree ornamny DIY project using beads and button. You can out your names in there too.

14. Pipe Cleaner Christmas Ornament

Kid-Friendly Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees Craft

Fun idea to use colorful piepe cleaner. Make a 3D Christmas tree with pipe cleaners and pom poms.

15. Pasta Christmas Tree Ornaments

Silver pasta Christmas tree ornaments

You just can’t run out if craft ideas! make cute Christmas tree ornaments using pasta and paint. Follow the easy steps and images to make this fun messy craft with your toddler.

16. Christmas Tree Bottle Crafts for Kids

Christmas Tree Water Bottle Crafts for Kids

If you really enjoy recycling, check out this bottle craft. Make a fun Christmas decoration using plastic bottle, yarn and buttons.

17. 3D Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Fun and Easy 3D Paper Christmas Tree Craft for Kids to Make {with FREE printable template}

A super simple yet elegant Christmas tree decor for home. It comes with free Christmas tree craft template.

18. Printable Christmas Tree Project


Do you want printable Christmas crafts? Make this colorful printable Christmas tree using free printables.

19. Stick And Ribbons Christmas Tree Ornament

Simple Cinnamon Stick Ribbon Tree Ornaments

For our last project of this round-up we have a fun Christmas tree ornament using cinnamon stick and ribbons. Won’t you like it if your Christmas tree ornmane looked and smelled good as well?

Here is a Christmas Tree Craft from our Arty Crafty Bee family you might also like.

Spend some quality time with your kids making these Christmas crafts. Find out more amazing paper crafts for kids on our blog.

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