Beautiful Autumn Sunset Coloring Ideas

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. Today I have a sunset coloring idea for you. 

If you are looking for autumn drawing ideas, I think you will like this autumn drawing of a picture of a sunset scene.

Sunset Autumn Coloring Craft For Kids

 Make your own home decor for this fall. There are many autumn landscape drawing ideas on the internet, so I am sharing my mid autumn drawing idea with you guys today. 

If you are looking for autumn things to draw give this sunset scene coloring a try. 

For all the kids, if you are trying this art idea, here are some fun facts you should know about sunsets.

What Is Sunset?:

  1. When I was a kid, I used to think the sun sinks into the ocean and comes back up again the next day. But that leads me to a question, why does the sun set in the west and rise in the east? Apparently, the sun doesn’t move at all. It’s the earth that moves and that’s why the sun slowly disappears. 
  2. The timing of the sunset and sunrise changes through the years. Sometimes we have longer days and sometimes we have longer nights When the days are longer sun sets late, and when the days are short sun sets early. 
  3.  In some countries in the north pole and south pole, like Norway, the sun doesn’t completely set for 6 months, and the other six months the sun doesn’t rise. If you want to know why and read more about it visit this website with an adult’s supervision. 
  4. There’s a reason why we are making autumn sunset coloring. The sunset is more colorful and vibrant during winter and autumn. 
  5. Whenever you see a sunset, remember the sun is actually rising on the opposite side of countries. Similarly, when you see the sunrise in the morning the sun is actually setting on the opposite side. 

There are more mesmerizing facts about the sun, we can discuss them in future posts. 

Let’s get started with today’s sunset coloring art.

How To Draw A Fall Sunset Scene:

Tools and Materials::

  1. Tissue Paper.
  2. Drawing Notebook or Sketch Book. 
  3. Scissors.
  4. Sticky Tape.
  5. Pencil.
  6. Ruler.
  7. Oil Pastel Crayon.

Step 1:Prepare Your Coloring Page:

autumn drawing sunset scene coloring

To get started you need to select a clean page for your fall sunset coloring. 

Cut out sticky tapes according to the size of your coloring page. Then, apply the sticky tape on the border of the page. 

Then, cut out a round piece of paper, and place it on the page (where you want the sun to be). 

Use a little bit of glue stick on the back of the round paper so it doesn’t move but don’t apply too much glue because we will be removing it later.

Step 2: Start coloring. 

Ake a yellow oil pastel crayon, and start coloring around the round paper. Draw an oval shape around the sun using the yellow oil pastel crayon

Step 3: Apply Second Color:

Then, take an orange oil pastel crayon and fill in the rest of the page using the orange color. 

Step 4: Blend The Color:

Take a piece of tissue paper, and fold it into small pieces. Use the tissue paper to blend the yellow color and make it smooth. Then, use another clean tissue paper to blend the orange color and fill up the gaps. 

Step 5:Add Details:

Take the yellow oil pastel crayon and color a few strokes on the orange-colored part of your sunset coloring page. 

Similarly, take the red oil pastel crayon and draw some orange strokes on the yellow part of your sunset coloring page.

Step 6: Finish Blending:

Now take another piece of tissue paper, and blend the strokes with the background. 

Now blend the edges of the two colors together to make it appear smooth. Don’t blend the colors together too far just blend the edges using tissue paper to erase the link between the two colors.

Remove the round paper piece from the drawing.

Step 7: Tree:

Use a pencil to draw the outline of the tree. 

Take a black crayon and fill in the tree outline. Use tissue paper to blend the black color into the tree. 

Step 11: Bird:

Draw small outlines for the bird. 

Then, use the black crayon to fill in the bird’s outline. 

Take off the stocky tapes from the borders to have nice and clean edges of your coloring page.

Learn to Draw Realistic Sunset Coloring

Sunset Coloring Art Ideas For Home Décor

How To Use This Sunset Coloring Scene:

This sunset coloring art project is a good idea for home decor. You can frame this sunset coloring and hang it somewhere in the house. The colors are very vibrant and it’ll lighten up the home. You can also make this sunset coloring and gift it to some as home decor. You can also make a small one and place it on your desk or side table.

Stay with us for more free sunset coloring pages. And leave a comment if you want free printable sunset coloring pages.

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